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Every minute your employees spend searching for a record, digging through boxes for the latest catalog, or slogging through a crowded warehouse to restock inventory is a minute they aren’t doing higher-level work. Precious time lost in dribs and drabs can add up to a significant reduction in efficiency and productivity. How can you combat this? You may be surprised at how affordable and straightforward the answer is. The right storage solutions can clean up your cluttered office and make it fast and easy for your employees to find exactly what they need to do their best work every day.

What Are Storage Solutions?

When you think of a term like office storage solutions, you may immediately call to mind huge, metal warehouse shelves. While this type of shelving falls into the category of storage solutions, the truth is that storage comes in many different forms.

Here are just a few of the varied types of storage solutions offices all across the country are currently using:

Pull-Out Storage

An excellent storage solution for small spaces, Pull-out storage features shelves that can be pulled out when an item needs to be retrieved. When the shelf isn’t in use, it can be pushed back in, freeing up valuable workflow space in the office.

Mobile Storage Solutions

small space storage solutionsDoes your office utilize a “hot desk” type of seating arrangement, or are you looking for a more open-concept office? Mobile storage is a great option. Mobile storage is precisely like it sounds. These mobile units can follow workers to different workspaces or even be shared between departments when the need arises.

Automated Storage and Retrieval

Make the most of your limited space with automated storage and retrieval. These advanced and easy-to-use systems allow you to store your inventory and other items using space all the way up to the ceiling. When you need an item, the system seamlessly retrieves and delivers it to you.

File Storage

Law firms, medical offices, schools, and many other businesses must keep a large number of physical records on hand. Shelving solutions like rotary cabinets, lateral file cabinets, and 4-post file shelving can make it as efficient as possible for your employees to find the files they need.


Suppose your employees work in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or public customer service role. In that case, you may need them to store their personal items in a private part of your building. Lockers are an excellent option, allowing your employees to keep their possessions safe and out of the way during the workday.

improve workspace efficiency storage solutionsArt Storage

Any art needs to be handled with care; you can’t stack them in a corner or pile them on top of each other. However, specialized art racks allow you to protect your valuable prints and other items while saving space. These racks are an excellent warehouse storage solution for extra art pieces that are not out on the floor.

What Are the Efficiency Benefits of Office Storage Solutions?

The right type of storage solution can save your employees time, help them stay focused, and allow them to access the materials they need to keep your office humming along.

Significant Time Savings

Any amount of time employees spend searching for inventory, tools, or materials is wasted time that hurts your bottom line. The right storage solutions allow you to organize your physical assets so that your employees can find what they need quickly and easily. For example, a well-organized filing cabinet immediately lets your employee zero in on the correct drawer and quickly find the right file. Every business knows that time equals money. The less time your employees spend searching through an unorganized system, the stronger your bottom line.

Better Space Efficiency

workspace efficiency storage solutionsCramped, cluttered warehouses and office spaces not only make it difficult for your employees to do their jobs, but they can also be a safety hazard. If items aren’t stored securely, employees could trip over them or bump into them. Office storage solutions, including all types of shelving units, allow you to utilize your space as efficiently as possible. In fact, the right storage system can help you grow your company without having to move into larger offices or even allow you to free up space for more workers, more inventory, and more equipment.

Greater Utilization of Your Assets

Your employees can’t use what they don’t know you have. One way storage solutions can create greater efficiency is by increasing the visibility of your business assets. For example, perhaps your marketing department includes unique brochures for each of your products. A pull-out shelf or carousel storage system makes it easy for a sales representative to see what materials are available. If all the marketing materials are piled in drawers, your sales rep may never find the right brochure to leave with a customer.  

Improved Office Flow

When your employees can easily access the materials they need, the office flows more efficiently. You won’t have multiple workers wandering around in the warehouse looking for inventory or important records. Whenever an employee needs an item, they will know exactly how to find it. This will allow them to stay focused on their task and complete assignments without long and frustrating distractions spent searching for the right item.

Let Us Help You Find Your Storage Solutions

Whether you need to store priceless art, bicycles, patient records, valuable medical equipment, or anything else, Southwest Solutions Group® can help you with all your storage needs. We provide all types of storage equipment, from simple shelving units to advanced automated storage systems. We also love helping businesses increase their efficiency and improve their daily workflow with great storage solutions. Contact us today to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable representative.