How to Increase Workplace Productivity to Grow Profit

automated storage systems deliver stored items directly to the user Your business might be working hard, but are you working smart? Working smart means providing the tools to help your employees maximize their productivity. Because once your employees are more productive, you will be able to grow profits. So if you are wondering how to increase workplace productivity, consider Automated Storage Systems for faster and more accurate transactions. (view images of Automated Storage Systems)  Click here to learn more about electric lateral file cabinets.

How Automated Storage Systems Increase Workplace Productivity

The way that Automated Storage Systems increase workplace productivity is by bringing any kind of stored item directly to the employee. The Automated Storage Systems contain a series of vertically arranged revolving shelves that are controlled by an electronic keypad. With just the push of a button, the Automated Storage Systems rotate and deliver files and other stored items to the operator at an ergonomically placed work counter. This system allows employees to access and retrieve files without wasting time searching, reaching, bending, or twisting, which increases their productivity. In fact, studies show that using Automated Storage Systems in place of traditional file cabinets and stationary shelving can increase productivity by 160%. (See videos see videos)

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Additional Benefits of Automated Storage Systemsincrease workplace productivity with automated storage systems

  • Automated Storage Systems will save up to 70% of storage floor space compared to file cabinets.
  • The work counter is adjustable so that employees can sit or stand while working, which will eliminate fatigue and reduce workers’ comp claims.
  • The doors can be locked to provide additional security to valuable items and confidential files.

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