Rolling Office Desks are a Flexible Furniture Solution for Swing Spacesrolling office desks are a flexible furniture solution for swing spaces

When you are working in a swing space, you need a flexible furniture solution. Rolling office desks from Swiftspace are easy to move and rearrange so that you can adapt to any type of working situation. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

The lightweight frame and wheels enable anyone to move the desks anywhere they need them – even within one room. This allows you to arrange your work space for each type of work you do: focused work, shared work, or team work. The video above shows how in one room, you can move 4 different rolling office desks and set them up for each type of work. This flexibility is essential for swing spaces since they are temporary work spaces.

Move the Rolling Office Desks for Focused Work

Even though workers in swing spaces might be in a smaller space, it doesn’t mean they don’t need privacy to get their work done. Moving the desks to the corners of the room, gives each worker a private space for focused work. Each person can work on their various tasks with minimal interruptions. And with the addition of partial or full height walls, you can gain even more privacy.

Arrange the Rolling Office Desks for Shared Work

rolling office desks are easy for one person to move or rearrangeCollaboration needs to happen between workers no matter where your office is located, and the rolling office desks allow for easy collaboration. By moving the desks together, each person can collaborate with their partner to work on specific tasks or projects. The rolling office desks can be set up side by side or back to back, depending on how you want to interact.

Setup the Rolling Office Desks for Team Work

It can be tough to have meetings or facilitate team work in a small swing space, but the rolling desks remove those barriers. Moving the desks into a circle facilitates team work by everyone in the room. Each person can turn their chair around and collaborate with their coworkers or have quick brainstorming meetings

However you choose to move and arrange the rolling office desks is up to you. And because the desks are so easy to move, you can set them up differently multiple times every day. With rolling office desks, your swing space has endless possibilities.

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