Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing the U.S. military with out-of-the-box, space-saving storage solutions since 1969. Heavy-duty modular, stackable storage racks allow three-tier stacking of military vehicles, tactical trailers, and other wheeled assets. These efficient rack storage systems increase your storage capabilities by making use of overlooked vertical air space. Click here to learn more about military deployment equipment.

Rack Storage Systems for Military Vehicles

It’s no secret that warehousing oversized military vehicles, trailers, jeeps, and wheeled heavy equipment assets take up a lot of space. In fact, storing these massive vehicles side by side can take over your entire garage or storage space, leaving little to no room for anything else.rack storage systems for military vehicles

For this reason, rack storage systems for military vehicles can play a vital role in your military storage. These sturdy metal racks, which can support 8,000 lbs. each, make the most of cubic or vertical air space by allowing you to stack vehicles and wheeled equipment three levels high. As such, this stacking capability has the potential to free up nearly two-thirds of your floor space.

Open up Your Space with Rack Storage Systems for Military Vehicles

By using previously wasted or overlooked vertical storage space, you can almost triple your storage capacity within the same square footage. Without expanding your physical storage space, these racks give you up to 67% more room to store additional vehicles, generators, and trailers.

In addition to tripling your storage space, the open design of the rack storage systems allows personnel to easily perform inspection and basic maintenance work on parked military vehicles and tactical trailers. Click here to explore more of our military storage solutions.

Stack and Organize Military Vehicles, Shipping Containers and More

stacking storage racksThe modular steel frames for the rack storage systems are segmented so they line up and fit securely on top of each other. Because they are modular, you can stack them two or three high and even change configurations to suit your vehicle storage needs. The top metal bracing structure is removable so you can store tall, oversized wheeled inventory as needed.

The floor of each stackable rack is constructed of grated metal, which allows for adjustability and creates multiple tie-down points for securing vehicles of different sizes. The rack floors are raised slightly for access by any standard all-terrain forklift. Each rack unit is dual-entry so they can be loaded and unloaded from both sides.

Each storage rack system contains drop-down ramps so you can drive up or wheel up your military vehicle or wheeled cargo. This eliminates the need for additional ramps for loading and unloading.

In addition to housing military vehicles, these storage racks can also house and stack standard shipping containers and 463L cargo. The open design of the racks enables shipping and cargo containers to be loaded efficiently as needed for rapid deployment.

The steel racks are hot-dipped with a galvanized coating system so they will last a lifetime and won’t rust or otherwise break down. For this reason, they can be used indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions.

Specs for Rack Storage Systems for Military Vehicles

These rack storage systems come in three sizes to provide suitable storage for anything from smaller wheeled assets to tactical vehicles. The smallest one has a capacity of 8000 lbs. (or 24,000 lbs. when stacked three times). The internal crate dimensions for an 8,000-lb. storage rack are 164” long by 80” wide by 84” high. Alternately, a medium crate holds 15,000 lbs. and measures 238” long by 118” wide by 110” high. Finally, the largest size holds 30,000 lbs. and measures 238” long by 118” wide by 116” high.

military vehicle stacking rack storageThese rack storage systems effectively store and stack heavy-duty military vehicles, general rolling stock, and shipping containers, including:

  • Light towers, carts, and kits
  • Emergency generators
  • Potable water trailers
  • Switching units
  • R22 pumps
  • Rolling fuel stock and hydraulic pump trailers
  • Ground support equipment trailers
  • Tactical trailers and mules
  • Polaris, Jeeps, and Willys
  • All Humvee (HMMWV) models including ambulances
  • ISU90 and 463L cargo pallets
  • Motorized all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Up-armored lighter tactical vehicles

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