Cubicles & Panel Systems are Outdated for Today’s Working Worldmoveable office furniture cubicles cost effective portable

Most companies use cubicle and panel systems for their employees to work out of. The assumption is that the cubicles are cost-effective and modular. Even more than that, using cubicles and panel systems is just what businesses have been using for decades now. But people aren’t working in the same ways as they were decades ago when the cubicle was first invented.

Moveable Office Furniture Works Better for Modern Businesses

The standard 8-5 office job has been replaced with freelancers, employees working from home, flexible work hours, more involved managers, call centers, and so on. The cubicle and panel system is an ancient relic, and smart companies need a new solution. Moveable office furniture is the new cubicle and panel system for the modern business. Moveable office furniture is flexible, cost-efficient, accommodating, scalable, and durable – everything your business needs.swiftspace benching system fold down

Flexibility: Transform the Layout of Your Office in Minutes

Today, tight deadlines have employees tied to their desks, but tomorrow a prospective client will require innovative collaboration.  With moveable office furniture, it’s possible to completely change the layout of your office in minutes.

Cost-Efficient: Never Any Need for Professional Setup

Every model of moveable office furniture can be setup in just minutes by an untrained individual.  There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your office.

moveable office furniture private open work spaces

Accommodating: Private Workstations and Open Benching Areas

Moveable office furniture allows your office to have the best of both worlds – private workstations to drown out possible distractions and open space areas for positive collaboration. This way you’re able to get more out of your employees because morale is high and innovation is outwardly supported.

Scalability: Adaptable for Future Changes in Your Business

Moveable office furniture will grow or shrink with your changing company dynamics. Whether you need to scale up or scale down, moveable office furniture makes that shift easier. With the ability to fold down to very manageable dimensions, these workspaces can be stored away or setup at a moment’s notice

Durability: Withstand the Punishment of Daily Usemobile cubicle panel system is durable and flexible

Moveable office furniture is built to withstand punishment day in and day out without failing.  The best materials have been selected in the manufacturing process and any possible defects were worked out in the testing phase to ensure that you, the end customer, get the very best product at the best possible price.  

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