6 Reasons to Use Mobile Workstation and Benching Systems

mobile workstations are a cubicle alternative for private workspaceMobile workstation and benching systems are an innovative solution for both office and production facilities. Most businesses these days use cubicles for their employees to work in. And 30 years ago, cubicles worked great. But in today’s rapidly changing world, cubicles are changing with the times. Businesses are demanding something to match their business needs, and that something new is mobile workstation and benching systems. These unique folding workspaces incorporate all of the interior components into a lightweight but strong frame, mounted to swivel casters.

1. Quick and Easy Setup

The mobile workstation and benching systems can be setup in minutes by anyone using them. The maneuverability and adaptability is unlike any type of cubicle or workstation. To redo an office layout with cubicles, facility managers spend days using expensive software to plan and lay everything out. And once they implement their plan, they spend days building the cubicles.

swiftspace multiple workstations folding2. Mobility and Portability

All of the mobile workstation and benching system products are on casters for easy moving. The single-piece designs allow the products to be easily transported. And because they fold up, you can transport them quickly in vehicles to different locations or swing spaces. This just isn’t possible with cubicles because of their stationary design.

3. No Professional Installers Required

Cubicles require the use of specialized tools, a manual, and an expert to install. With the mobile workstation and benching systems, anyone can change the entire office setup in no time at all, with no help, and no tools. Casters, hinges, and simple clasps make setup a one-person job.

4. Unique and Customizable

There are many available options and accessories with the mobile workstation and benching systems, which means that your company can have it just the way you want it. Mix and match to create the ideal workspace for your business.

5. Foldable and Easy to Store

benching systems come completely assembled unlike cubicles

The workstations and benching systems easily fold down into compact dimensions to maximize storage. That means you can host events in your office since the work surfaces can be moved out of the way. You can also take them with you to your swing space when your office is doing renovations. You never have to worry about losing parts or pieces either.

6. Engineered to Last

Built with high end materials and having undergone rigorous testing, the workstation and benching systems have demonstrated an ability to withstand the many stresses of the working world just like cubicles.

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