What To Do When Your Office Runs Out Of Floor Space

lateral file cabinets move on tracks to save space

Most businesses rely on lateral file cabinets to store their files and documents. These office file cabinets are readily available and easy to purchase as your business grows. Over time though, things change and those few lateral file cabinets become space-consuming monsters that are scattered throughout the office disrupting the organization of your filing system. This may lead you to wonder if you should change to a different type of filing system. Instead of changing to a new system, think about putting your lateral cabinets on floor tracks. (You can find lateral file cabinets on tracks from our partner, StoreMoreStore).

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How Lateral File Cabinets on Tracks Work to Save Floor Space

expand lateral file cabinet system by putting them on tracks

Lateral file cabinets on tracks are a space-efficient way of consolidating your filing system into less space. Simply mounting lateral file cabinets onto rolling platforms and placing them on tracks in front of existing file cabinets (or shelving) you can conserve space and consolidate more files into one area. With one less cabinet in front, cabinets roll from side to side on the tracks allowing access to back cabinets. For example, if you have your 4 existing lateral cabinets against the wall, then you would add tracks with three rolling lateral file cabinets in front. The front cabinets on the tracks move independently of each other back and forth. To access a file from the back cabinets, you simply move the front cabinets to the left or right.

You can add more tracks and rows of lateral file cabinets in front to make a three or four-deep cabinet system. Using file cabinets on tracks will condense and consolidate your filing system to a smaller footprint so more of your files can be found in one area and not scattered throughout the office.

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