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Automatically Maximize Cubic Capacity for Warehouses

maximize cubic capacity for efficient fast loadingVertical lift modules and other automated systems are becoming more and more prevalent in warehousing and industrial applications due to their numerous benefits and customization features. However, one problem many consumers have is the time it takes to load their inventory, products, and/or parts into the vertical lift module. New and innovative measurement technology is now available to maximize cubic capacity for efficient and fast loading of vertical lift modules and automated storage systems so you can get organized and get back to work quickly, and will also continue to allow you to efficiently add more SKUs in the future as your business grows. Watch overview video of Vertical Lift Module automated storage system.

Cubic Capacity Scanner

The software to maximize cubic capacity is a massive time saver. Even with space-saving automated systems such as the vertical lift module, if you manually measure or "eyeball it" when you load the system up, you will still be wasting space. The cubic scan, a cubic, weighing, and dimensioning system is designed to measure and weigh smaller, irregular-shaped items and boxes that can be difficult to measure, weigh, and store manually. The scanner uses powerful and accurate sensing technologies to provide exact measurements. It can also help improve cartonization methods and reduce the use of packaging materials and shipping costs.

The scanners can allow you to complete the weighing, dimensioning, and packaging of 2 SKU's per minute. The user simply places the item on the scanner and slides the infrared light beam over it, and the item's measurements will pop up on the touchscreen. After the item is scanned, the VLM will automatically provide the ideal location to the item.  Even if you don't have a vertical lift module or other automated storage system, the scanner will still save you time and money during distribution and packaging applications.vertical lift module loading cubic capacity scanner

The scanners offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Seamless data transfer integration
  • Maximized storage space
  • Increased storage capacity of your storage system by 20-25%
  • Enhanced cartonization methods
  • Decreased shipping costs
  • Ergonomic mobile workstation
  • Higher degree of measurement accuracy
  • Applicable for a variety of distribution, packaging, and warehouse applications

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