Specialized Storage & Management for Veneer Sheets

storing flat paper thin veneer sheets vertical vlm shuttleVeneer storage is a unique application that requires equally unique solutions. Storing flat and paper-thin veneer sheets requires specialized controlled storage to keep it in top shape and prevent it from curling, cracking, or fading. This can be especially difficult for manufacturers who store large numbers of veneer sheets at all times. Ergonomics, space, and inventory management are added concerns. Climate controlled automated storage is a turnkey solution for storing veneer sheets that manages inventory counts, stores sheets properly, provides ergonomic access, saves space, and increases security all in one. Click here to watch a video showing how the climate controlled automated storage machines work. Keep reading to learn how these systems can improve veneer sheet storage applications.

Climate Controlled Automated Storage Units

The climate controlled automated storage units’ versatility is illustrated in this real-life application for veneer sheet storage. This manufacturer provides veneer sheets for aircraft furniture, which are chosen after a very intense selection process. Before the orders are sent out, the warehouse stores approximately 5,720 sheets and were adding even more SKUs to their inventory. However, their existing storage area was full, and expanding their warehouse space was an expensive and time-consuming option. Their best bet was to better use their existing warehouse space, which is exactly what the automated storage machines were designed for.

climate controlled automated storage veneer sheetsDespite their thinness, veneer sheets piled up to 50-high is still heavy. Workers needed to access the piles from standard 2-level shelving, forcing them to bend and lift, which caused numerous ergonomic concerns. Additionally, veneer sheets need careful temperature and humidity control to prevent damage and degradation. Adding more challenges, the large number of sheets also needs to be accounted for.

After installing the climate controlled automated storage units, the manufacturer experienced a multitude of benefits:

  • Space: Saved over 1,000 ft² and gained 20′ of storage height
  • Ergonomics: Sheets are delivered at counter height and operators only need to lift a maximum of 20 sheets at a time, which also means a reduced need for manipulation and merging of pallets
  • Quality control: HVAC system on automated shuttle provides temperature and humidity control
  • Accuracy/inventory control: Live inventory reports and spot checks with integrated inventory tracking software
  • ROI in less than a year

Click here for more information about how automated storage can improve your business.

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