Should You Install a Vertical Lift Module?

Remstar storage Shuttle VLM Kardex stacker AnamateAn increasing number of warehouses and industrial facilities are turning to automated solutions to improve their warehouse operations, profits, and worker safety and comfort. One such automated solution is the vertical lift module: an enclosed series of trays that automatically brings items directly to the operator. Would VLMs be a wise investment for you and your warehouse? Here we will cover the numerous benefits of a vertical lift module for warehouse productivity and space savings to give you all the knowledge you need. Click here to watch a video about how the VLM shuttles work.

Reduced Labor Costs

With VLMs, you can reduce your labor costs since they can automate many of the processes that once required one or more people. The VLMs also only require one person to operate it. The VLMs will allow you to:benefits of a vertical life module vlm

  • Automate your material processing flow
  • Reduce product handling
  • Improve your replenishment operations
  • Provide an ergonomic method for bulk handling
  • Improve your system flexibility
  • Track & control inventory with software-enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Improve the accuracy of your inventory control
  • Improve your SKU management and slotting

Increased Space Utilization

The VLMs take up significantly less space than racking and shelving with aisles. The VLMs require no extra space for aisles, and store all of your materials in one compact area.

  • Reduce cubic space requirements up to 80% in up to 85% less floor space
  • VLMs utilize the highest possible storage density; automatic re-slotting occurs when new items with different heights are stored
  • VLM shuttles can be specified within 1″ of ceiling height in a minimal footprint
  • Highest available storage density due to tray and rail design

Increased Inventory Control

  • vlm shuttle warehouse productivity space savingsReduced supervisory needs with a small, well-defined work area for employees that no longer have to move between several locations
  • Computer-driven storage activities optimize picking and allow batch order processing
  • Tray weight management ensures that trays cannot be overloaded; unit will not store them until corrected
  • Unit weight management system ensures that the machine load doesn’t exceed any structural engineering requirements
  • Log-on and log-off passwords define who is operating each piece of equipment and facilitates tracking and reports
  • Completely enclosed units improve security with password access


  • Eliminate bending and reaching for stored items
  • Tray delivery height can be adjusted to different access heights to accommodate different operators
  • Large and heavy items delivered to ergonomically correct heights

Productivity & Accuracy

  • VLMs can increase productivity by up to 200-400%
  • Requires less training time since there is no need for operators to memorize locations
  • Position lights and pick-to-light technology provide increased accuracy and directs operators to the exact location for picking and putting, increasing speed and accuracy
  •  A Transaction Information Center (TIC) can be integrated to display critical alphanumeric information for the operator (quantity to pick, item number, item description, etc.)
  • Decreased employee fatigue by eliminating the need for them to bend, lift, and pick items up from floor level shelves or reach for top shelf items
  • Reduced wait time between picks; once the operator completes a pick, the next closest required item is delivered automatically


  • The modular frame allows the VLMs to be expandable and contractible
  • Height can easily be added or removed to accommodate future changes
  • VLMs can be easily relocated
  • Trays can be added or removed and/or automatically re-slotted based on changes to current inventory


  • Fully enclosed painted steel unit provides a cleaner look over conventional shelving
  • Can be color-coordinated to match your desired colors

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