Vertical Shuttles with Pick to Light Picking Trolleys

pick to light picking trolleys warehouse inventoryWith increasing internet sales and number of subscribers, a distribution warehouse for healthcare-related disposable goods decided to transition into a fully automated warehouse. Automated warehouse storage and wireless pick to light picking trolleys were integrated with their existing Warehouse Management System to provide a 300% improvement in picking efficiency while also saving a large amount of floor space. Click here to learn more about automated warehouse storage.

Automated Warehouse Storage Improves Online Order Efficiency

The increase in international business also meant that the distribution warehouse needed increased efficiency in packaging, commissioning, and repacking to each customer’s exact needs. Initially, the warehouse used manual storage methods in the form of shelving on mezzanines. However, this process was inefficient and ate up most of their warehouse space. Staff also had to walk long distances across the warehouse to get the items they needed, which decreased efficiency. Excessive walking not only takes up time, but it can also fatigue workers and lead to less productivity.

With automated warehouse storage, a new process was implemented. Eighteen vertical lift shuttles with light indicators replaced the static shelving, and unique pick to light picking trolleys were included with the shuttles and its software. This directs workers to the exact item and quantity they need to pick, which has eliminated picking errors entirely. In addition, the automated warehouse storage has allowed for much higher picking efficiency and an ergonomic working environment for staff. In just two weeks, staff members could easily use the system and the warehouse reached top performance and efficiency.

The shuttles utilize the warehouse’s vertical air space to automatically store and deliver inventory directly to the operator at the push of a button. Once picked, the operator scans the items and places them on the trolley to confirm the pick. Then it’s just a matter of wheeling the trolleys to their destinations. Click here to see how an oil and gas manufacturer was also able to increase productivity and space efficiency with vertical shuttles.


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Additional benefits of integrating automated warehouse storage with pick to light trolleys include:

  • Same amount of inventory stored in 20% of the floor space used by previous shelving and mezzanines—that’s 26,425 ft² of storage in a footprint of just 3,121 ft²
  • Utilization of all machine capacity at all times, providing extremely efficient put and pick processes
  • Put and pick batches can be performed simultaneously with no downtime between tasks
  • Eliminated picking errors due to picking software and pick to light picking trolleys
  • 300% efficiency improvement at more than 200 picks per picker/hour

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