Automated Storage Consolidates Across Multiple Zones

automated multi zone order picking shuttle vlmsAutomated storage offers many efficiency benefits due to how easy it is to replace substantial amounts of picker travel, handling, and pick times with active picking and rapid processing. In this goods-to-person environment, one or two pickers at a workstation follow pick-to-light instructions to rapidly fill orders and reduce errors. One distributor utilized shuttle VLMs and horizontal carousels for automated multi-zone order picking with warehouse management software (WMS) integration, which has allowed them to increase their picking productivity by over 90%. Click here to learn more about automated storage.

WMS & Automated Storage Integration

The parts distributor of tractors, mowers, and other utility equipment often receives order that require next day or overnight delivery. Without the service parts they need, customers are losing money; it’s imperative to get orders out as fast as possible so they can ensure customer satisfaction.

Different zones of the distributor warehouse house different size parts, which move at different order frequencies. A bulk picking zone handles large parts such as transmissions with high bay shelving for very bulky or slow parts. Four shuttle VLMs pick medium-moving SKUs, while a system of six horizontal carousels processes and holds fast-moving SKUs. An integrated WMS solution orchestrates all of the multi-zone order picking, which allows pickers to prepare orders without errors.

Along with coordinating picks, the WMS also processes order information, manages priority codes, and passes the information down the the VLMs and horizontal carousel zones for processing. A conveyor connects the zones, which brings items directly to the pickers instead of them having to walk across the warehouse. Click here to learn more about how picking software can make your processes more efficient.

Automated Storage & WMS Integration Benefits

The distributor enjoys many more benefits from the VLMs and carousels combined with their warehouse management software. It has overall made them more productive, profitable, and has saved enough space to avoid any building expansions. Even more benefits include:wms integration horizontal carousels order picking

  • No bending, lifting, or excessive walking provides ergonomic picking
  • Goods-to-person delivery improves efficiency and decreases order times
  • Less staff needed in picking zones
  • Increased picking productivity by over 90%
  • Horizontal carousels provided 71% floor space savings; shuttle VLMs provided 83% floor spae savings
  • Shuttle VLMs freed up floor space and avoided costly building expansions
  • Increased parts capacity
  • Increased part sales with minimal increases to labor force
  • Automated picking system has the capacity to sustain growth for the next 5-8 years

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