Compact Intermediate Buffer Storage

automated lift with conveyor belt buffer storageFor buffer storage, a manufacturer of fire protection products needed space for intermediate storage of about 9,000 parts. The fire protection equipment leaves the production site at high temperatures and also need to be stored and cooled prior to packaging and dispatching. Their solution would need to be compact, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing in addition to having a high safeguard against machine failure. Automated lifts with conveyor belts stored the parts in a compact area with the ability to speed the cooling process in addition to increasing efficiency and protecting workers. Click here to learn more about automated lifts and storage solutions.

Lifts with Conveyor Belts Automate Processes & Increase Efficiency

The manufacturer implemented a fully automated life with a conveyor belt system, which delivers needed items according to the “goods-to-person” principle to provide a faster and more ergonomic picking method. By utilizing the height of the warehouse with vertical storage instead of floor space, the automated lift only needs a minimal footprint. Combined with the conveyor system, the automated lift makes the picking and storage process much more efficient than with static storage. The fire protection products are transferred to and from the storage lift on a conveyor system instead of employees having to walk long distances and waste time searching and transporting items. Custom-designed software controls the various parts of the plant to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Cooling Storage for Hot Products

vertical automated lift fire protection product storageBefore they go into storage, hot products need to cool down during buffer storage. To cool products down faster, warm air from the automated lift is extracted through the warehouse’s exhaust air plant.

For fast retrieval, the operator can request a single or complete row of trays. The trays are then transported on roller tracks to a second workstation for packaging. With these automated processes combined, the manufacturer has been able to reach an efficiency rate of 99% along with a high degree of machine reliability and safeguards against failure.

Additional benefits of installing the automated lifts with conveyor belts include:

  • Fully automatic storage
  • Increased safety & ergonomics
  • Low space consumption for buffer storage
  • Automatic transport to packing station increases efficiency
  • Automatic retrieval as soon as parts are requested
  • High degree of access reliability

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