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Efficient Product Loading Scanners for VLMs

efficient product loading scanners automated storageThere's no doubt that automation technology for warehouses vastly improves productivity and operational efficiency. However, it can be a challenge for these warehouses and commercial facilities to transition into their new storage systems and load their products, inventory, or parts into the units. Efficient product loading scanners allow you to load your vertical lift module, horizontal carousel, or vertical carousel quickly while eliminating much of the manual handling usually required for loading and ensuring that materials are stored in the least amount of space possible. Click here to learn more about vertical lift modules.

Maximizing Cubic Storage Capacity

The software and scanning platform is a huge time-saver, allowing you to get your automated storage systems integrated into your processes quickly and easily. Though the vertical lift modules and horizontal carousels were designed to save space, you won't be using the system as efficiently as you could be if you "eyeball it" when loading the system up. Additionally, manual loading can take up a lot of time and resources that could be more usefully allocated somewhere else.

vertical lift module horizontal carousel efficient product loadingThe efficient product loading scanner is an automatic dimensioning and weighing system that can scan almost anything, including smaller and irregular-shaped items. When integrated with automated storage, it can also find the ideal storage location for the scanned item within the unit to ensure you're taking advantage of the system's full space-saving capabilities. It also saves valuable time, since it can scan and dimension objects in just a few seconds.

Typically, users can complete the weighing, dimensioning, and packaging of two SKU's per minute. Simply place the item on the scanner and slide the infrared light beam over it. The item's measurements will then appear on the touchscreen and the vertical lift module or horizontal carousel will automatically provide the ideal location for storage. Typically, utilizing the scanners can increase your storage capacity by 20-25% along with providing a high degree of measurement accuracy.

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