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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Flexible compact industrial steel storage dividers

compact industrial steel storage dividersAs tool wall partition screens or panels, these compact industrial steel storage dividers have the flexibility to create private work areas within production facilities. Users can mount accessories to either side if wanting to optimize space and request soundproof options. The versatile modules have a perforated design that provides efficient airflow to keep organized items hanging there clean.

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Warehouse personnel has ergonomic access to everyday materials and can retrieve them as needed to keep work areas clean and tidy. It provides a more efficient alternative to leaving resources out in the open on tables. Facilities avoid dealing with material theft and tampering incidents, preventing the need to buy replacements.

Tool wall partition screens or panels

tool wall partition screens panelsHooks integrated into the sample tool wall partition screens or panels keep organized equipment safe from damage to ensure proper performance during use. Labels help personnel figure out where things go, simplifying cleanup and inventory restocking. They ensure staff spends less time searching for items and retrieves them with efficiency. Stand units next to one another to create a continuous run that maximizes space while ensuring private use.

  • The robust, freestanding units measure 1850 mm high.
  • Soundproof configurations have fire-resistant polyurethane foam insulation behind the perforated panel.
  • To ensure more privacy, create a 90-degree angle with two right-angle assembly clamps.
  • Systems deliver unassembled.

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