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High Density Wire Shelving maximizes freezer space in two Baxter modular walk-in freezers. The walk-in freezers were overflowing with products, resulting in a lack of storage space, loss in productivity, and limiting the workspace to process product orders inside the freezers. The modular freezer’s shelving storage was maxed out and products were being stacked wherever workers could find space. With products stacked everywhere the freezer’s soon became disorganized requiring workers to spend additional time searching and moving products to find and retrieve requested products. The problem got so bad that products were infringing on the work space used to process incoming and out going products.

High Density Wire Shelving Maximizes Freezer Space

To maximize freezer space, Baxter installed two high density wire shelving storage systems (one for each freezer). The high density wire shelving systems doubled the storage capacity in each of the modular walk-in freezers. Doubling the freezer storage capacity with high density wire shelving resulted in a freezer investment cost savings of approximately $100,000. But that’s not all. The high density wire shelving systems also provided operational cost savings of nearly 50% in electricity usage and energy savings by installing high density storage systems.

high density wire shelving refrigerated storageHigh density wire shelving for Walk-In freezers and refrigerated Storage Units

The modular walk-in freezers used mechanical assisted high density wire shelving with nickel-plated, epoxy-coated wire racks mounted six shelves high on carriages. The wire shelving units roll back and forth on floor tracks, converting what was once aisle space into productive storage space. The high density rolling carriages and tracks are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion from condensed moisture created by the freezers.

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