Optimizing Cold Warehouse Storage Space

re-think your temperature controlled cold storageFreezer storage is by far one of the most challenging warehouse storage applications. Cold storage warehouses need to stay at optimal and exact temperatures at all times to meet safety and compliance regulations, on top of the fact that operating temperature-controlled storage is extremely costly. Not to mention that space in any warehouse is nearly always at a premium, and very few can afford to construct new spaces whenever they need them, especially when it’s as expensive as cooler space. Instead of spending on new construction, re-think your temperature-controlled storage altogether and take back your space instead with mobile racking for freezers. Click here to read more about how the compact racks work.

Cold Storage Challenges

The average cost of a new cooler space is about $200 per square foot, not including operational and maintenance costs after construction. Smaller companies are likely renting warehouse space, which can be just as costly. And either way, whether you own or rent, there never seems to be enough space.

But constructing or renting new freezer and temperature-controlled storage space isn’t your only option. Instead, consider maximizing your existing footprint in a new way and take back the storage you already have. Mobile racking for freezers is a compact storage option designed specifically for warehouses, and are also capable of withstanding temperatures of -4ºF and above (stainless steel options are available for environments below even that). The shelving moves side-to-side to eliminate static aisles, effectively freeing up your space for other uses. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

Freezer Mobile Racking Benefits

  • mobile racking for freezers & cold room storage warehousesStorage Visibility: For whatever your application may be, the mobile racking provides both increased storage capacity and optimum visibility to items, making it easier to handle mixed-product pallets and smaller batches.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Maintaining temperature-controlled storage is expensive. The mobile racking for freezers can densely compact your storage, lowering costs per pallet and energy costs since you’re using less space. Click to watch compact pallet racks videos.
  • Improved Productivity: The fewer times a product is moved or touched, the fewer costs accumulate with it and the less time a worker has to travel to access it. Complete accessibility to products combined with space savings means less long travel times and unnecessary touches or moves.
  • Additional Space: The mobile racking frees up space for other value-added activities and services that generate more revenue and further increase productivity.
  • Compliance: Cold storage is one of the most highly regulated industries, and the price of noncompliance is high. Better inventory control and selectivity offered by mobile racking makes it easier to ensure that you’re always within compliance.
  • Lean Manufacturing: Improved inventory control, selectivity, and accessibility of the mobile racking for freezers supports lean manufacturing processes and prevents waste.

Contact Us About Mobile Racking for Freezers

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