Why invest in compact moving pallet storage

compact moving pallet storageExpiration dates and directives found on the back of food products and medication bottles ensure proper practices are followed when handling and using anything designed for consumption. This can include anything prone to deterioration without proper temperature control, like medicine, meat, fish, diary products and drinkable liquids. But how do companies who manufacture and distribute everything from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and chemicals ensure efficient and effective storage of perishable goods before they reach the homes of consumers? The answer is really quite simple. It involves investing in and using compact moving pallet storage. Designed with superior flexibility, these racks for warehouse freezers and coolers are made to handle the increase of materials experienced by a wealth of industries, who struggle with balancing cost and operational inefficiencies found in temperature-controlled environments. This especially includes those that deal with SKUs. Click to learn more about pallet racks.

The proof is in the design, which comes in five different stainless steel construction configurations and feature various load capacities for materials with a range of duty ratings. Compact moving pallet storage load capacity starts at 7,000 pounds for light-to-medium-duty systems, increases to between 16,000 and 32,000 pounds for those considered to be medium-to- heavy-duty and maxes out at between 30,000 and 60,000 pounds, depending on the type of carriage used. In addition to having enough space to store temperature-controlled materials all in one convenient location, the racks for warehouse freezers and coolers allow for optimal space-savings by using a mobile aisle in place of the traditional aisles needed for static racking. This simple switch, plus the ease-of-operation from its push-button or turn-handle controls, allow for optimal accessibility whenever and wherever it is needed. The racks, themselves, are mounted to carriages that move side-to-side, giving the system the freedom to compact and subsequently take up less space. The footprint occupied by compact moving pallet storage and the stored material it holds is effectively reduced, resulting in the recovery of space for storage by as much as 60 percent. An in-depth look at how compact moving pallet storage, with mechanical-assist controls, allows for the recovery of up to half of the space used for storage is provided. (Watch video)

Racks for warehouse freezers & coolers features & benefits

racks for warehouse freezers and coolersIf the detailed description of how racks for warehouse freezers & coolers work to offer more accessibility and space for storage isn’t enough to convince you of their worth, there is still the matter of features and benefits to consider. One look at the subsequent list will leave you without any doubt when it comes to its value. It covers many issues. One being hygiene, which has proven troublesome for those required to have direct contact with materials linked to the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

  • The stainless steel construction of compact moving pallet storage makes it the ideal choice for environments with strict hygiene requirements. This includes abattoirs, clean rooms, hospitals, kitchens and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, just to name a few.
  • It is because of its construction, that the system is able to provide increased corrosion resistance in atmospheric and pure water environments, as well as most acids, alkaline solutions and chlorine- bearing environments.
  • With the compression of its carriages, these racks for warehouse freezers and coolers are also able to free up space and maximize storage within the same storage footprint. And, with it, the need for plant expansions and leasing or purchasing of additional facilities is much lower.
  • Compact moving pallet storage is also not only designed to work with pallet racking and industrial shelving that already exist, but installs on existing unleveled concrete for ease of installation. This not only speaks highly of its cost-effective value, but results in significant cost savings.

A closer look at the construction and design features of racks for warehouse freezers and coolers is offered. (See images)

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