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Boltless high capacity cable reel racks promote safe & efficient material retrieval 

boltless high capacity cable reel racksBoltless high capacity cable reel racks or adjustable wire spool storage shelving enable users to handle material retrieval in a safe and efficient capacity. The sturdy solutions have versatile axles that allow maximum storage flexibility. Users can adapt components to create efficient space that fits larger spools in an instant.

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To speed and simplify the material retrieval process, load everything onto the shelves' flexible axles and then pull twine as needed. Leave some space between same or different-sized items to ensure safe, damage-free removal. It keeps everything tidy and accessible while preventing items from catching on one another.

Adjustable wire spool storage shelving ensures stability

adjustable wire spool storage shelvingTo provide stability, the adjustable wire spool storage shelving allows secure installation to the wall or floor.  Secured rolled twine hangs high off the floor to allow you safe, ergonomic access. Everything looks clean and organized while spanning every available shelf level to maximize space efficiency. 

Furthermore, the design simplifies assembly and allows you to do level modifications without tools. The customizable units have a chip-resistant finish and can accommodate up to 18 axles too. If desired, extra axle kits are also available for a nominal fee.

Construction: Durable and rigid steel boltless construction allows simple assembly and tool-free level modifications.

Shelf Brackets: Users can create optimal storage conditions since six shelf brackets allow adjustments on 1-1/2" centers and can hold up to three axles each.

Axles: Three 1/2" diameter axles and three 3/4" diameter axles to accommodate larger reels.

Weight Capacity: Able to support 90 lbs. per 3/4" diameter axle; 45 lbs. per 1/2" diameter axle; 270 lbs. per level; 1,588 lbs. total rack weight capacity

Finish: Chip-resistant baked gray enamel provides clean and pleasing aesthetics.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

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