Automated vertical wire spool carousels

vertical wire spool carousels store & dispense reels of cables & spools of wireVertical wire spool carousels allow you to vertically store and dispense reels of cables and spools of wire efficiently. These specialized automated vertical carousels easily store and organize reels of all sized wires and cables. Stored materials such as wires, cables, hoses, and other assorted spooled goods are accessed with the simple push of a button. It also maximizes your floor space with its vertical design that utilizes overhead air space. (See videos see videos)

Motorized spool carousel features

The vertical wire spool carousels feature 5 to 13 carriers with 3 wire bays per carrier. The wire bays are configured for 7 interchangeable positions per bay to provide a fully customizable interior that manages a wide variety of different sized spools. Each wire bay can host a single spinner that features up to 28 additional rotating positions for even the smallest spools of wire for more storage flexibility.

An easy load system allows a single operator to manage the loading of even the heaviest spools. There are two different solutions for counting, cutting, and re-rolling wire for when dispensing is required:

1) A suspended system that slides on a track attached to the front of the carousel, and

2) A cart system that operates independently of the carousel, which allows it to be moved into and out of position as needed.

Vertical wire spool carousels have multiple features and benefits that can improve the efficiency of your operations, including:

vertically store reels of cables and wire spools with vertical carousels

  • Large storage capacity for displaying large numbers of reels of wire or cables in one central location at the point of use
  • Saves floor space with vertical design
  • Easy-to-operate push button controls
  • Each carrier frame has a loading capacity of up to 1,000 lbs with the maximum overall weight capacity of the carousel at 13,000 lbs.
  • Simple design only requires one operator at a time for loading spools
  • Security keypad keeps unauthorized users from accessing stored material
  • The vertical wire spool carousels can accommodate many different reel diameters and widths in one unit
  • Self-leveling units ensure a balanced load and smooth operation
  • Wire mesh front guard provides extra protection for employees and stored inventory

All of these come in handy if you have a large space for storage. Our wire spool carousels also allow for quick restocking and helps organize new items in your changing inventory.

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