How Powered Vertical System Carousel Works Using Overhead Space

powered vertical system carouselThe powered vertical system carousel simplifies reel dispensary storage of wire and cable spools by employing the use of overhead space. Designed as a semi-automated system, it features a series of carriers, which facilitate the delivery of any combination of spooled material by rotating up and down with the push of a button. In doing so, stored goods are brought to system users at an ergonomic height. In addition, because of its uniquely flexible carrier configuration, the system lends itself to the recovery of floor space with improved efficiency. Just sixty square feet of space is all that is needed when it comes to storing spooled material measuring 36 x 30.” Cable and wire spools smaller in diameter, but of larger quantity can also be accommodated for. Powered vertical system simplifies reel dispensary storage of wire and cable spools. Click here to learn more about motorized vertical carousels.

Powered vertical system carousel adds efficiency for productivity

Its operation, coupled with a combination of features, allow for the powered vertical system carousel reel dispensary storage of wire and cable spools to improve productivity. The carriers, themselves, assist with the issue of productivity by allowing for added efficiency to be established where picking is concerned. This is easily accomplished because of the fact that its five to 13 carriers, each with three-wire bays per carrier, are interchangeable. Each bay can be configured one of seven ways to accommodate wire and cable spools of varying sizes. In addition, its bays can each house a single spinner that can be rotated any one of 28 different positions. This allows for optimal storage flexibility to be provided for, while also seeing to it that spools of the smallest size are just as efficiently stored.  The optional integration of a cut, measure and rewind system also gives you complete control over any spooled material stored there. There are two options available to assist with counting, cutting and re-rolling of goods, if dispensing is needed. Watched powered vertical system carousel videos. These include: 

  1. A suspended system that slides along a track fastened at the front of the carousel
  2. A cart system which works separate from the carousel, allowing for it to be shifted in and out of position on an as-needed basis

Loading instructions for powered vertical system carousel carriers

reel dispensary storage of wire and cable spoolsLoading the carriers associated with this powered vertical system carousel reel dispensary storage of wire and cable spools is so easy that it takes just one person to do it. All that needs to be done when loading is explained, below.

  • A spring-loaded mechanism helps secure spools of material in the wire bay. Engage the spring and lock into place when loading. 
  • Position the spools into place with assistance from the provided transport dolly
  • When loaded, releasing the spring will re-engage the lock

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