Pull-Out Sliding Shelving

shelving slidersBusinesses interested in maximizing their floor plan’s storage capacities while simultaneously making it more accessible can benefit from pull-out sliding shelves.

We learn from a survey by Cardinal Health that approximately 40% of operating room physicians canceled surgeries due to a lack of supplies at the point of care. Shelving sliders provide solutions in many areas of a business’s building design, including healthcare facilities. For example, they’re optimal in storage cabinets, break room pantries, storage closets, mobile storage, and more.

Understanding Pull-Out Shelving Sliders

Pull-out shelving sliders allow shelves to move out of a storage cabinet. Therefore, they eliminate the need to hunch down or kneel to retrieve items. Instead of reaching into the depths of a storage cabinet, this solution makes it easier for users to find what they need.

Shelving sliders, which some reference as rolling shelves, are cabinet shelves that move forward on rails or slides. That way, users can easily extend shelves from the cabinetry. Extending shelves enhances accessibility while simultaneously maximizing storage capacities. Typically, shelving sliders feature a lip around the edges. That way, no items on the shelves fall off as it moves in and out of the cabinet.

Pull-out sliding shelves feature designs that are specifically forroll out shelving storage:

  • Assembly line materials, parts, and storage
  • Construction tool storage trailers
  • Engineering and technical facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • IT departments
  • Military storage areas
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurant kitchen storage
  • Secure storage for law enforcement or medical facilities
  • Service and automative repair stations

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Why Facilities Should Use Pull-Out Sliding Shelves

Before launching a business, owners must consider accessibility, safety, and storage space. Owners can achieve these three goals by investing in rolling shelving that’s optimal for meeting compliance and assuring user safety.
No matter the size of a facility, space constraints and storage issues always occur. However, it’s possible to maximize this space and make it more efficient using shelving sliders. For example, if businesses must store items in a narrow space, this solution makes accessibility easier.
The heart of shelving sliders is their series of double-sided rollout shelving. These systems allow easier access to everything a facility needs. For example, say a garage wants to store materials, parts, and tools. Using rolling storage shelves puts everything within reach. That way, mechanics don’t have to shuffle through layers of items to find what they need to complete a task.
Here are several additional reasons why companies should incorporate shelving sliders into their building design:

  • Easy access: Because shelves roll out, it eradicates the need for crouching or kneeling when searching for items in the back of a cabinet.
  • Maximize storage capacities: Using shelving sliders means businesses can double their current storage space. That’s because they can use every inch of the storage cabinet’s space.
  • Time management: When businesses have everything at their fingertips, that ease of access helps save time. Workers often waste a significant amount of time searching for items, and, when incorporating this system, that waste reduces considerably.

Businesses also benefit from this storage solution because it allows them to keep their items in one centralized location. They can also consider their storage’s frequency of use when planning for this type of installation. That way, if the business needs flexibility, they can add more or re-arrange shelving as necessary.

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How Pull-Out Sliding Shelves Improve Efficiency

When you pull on the drawer of office filing cabinets, they move along an extendable track. That way, users can reach the files in the back of the rolling filing cabinet or steel filing cabinets.
This “pull-out” feature helps businesses improve efficiency and productivity in various ways. Here are some examples:

  • Users can use mobile storage cabinets featuring shelving sliders to improve accessibility and maximize storage capacities.
  • Workers improve their productivity when they have what they need when they need it, instead of searching through the depths of storage cabinets or closets.
  • Reordering items is a more straightforward process when users can see what’s available and what needs restocking when pulling out the shelves.

Document storage is another critical factor regarding efficiency improvements. That’s a reality for many professionals, including those working in the government, medical, and military facilities. One of the first steps toward reducing document storage’s footprint is by incorporating shelving sliders in cabinetry.

Benefits and Features of Shelving Sliders

Time management and ergonomics are two challenges many businesses face, particularly in the medical field. By incorporating shelving sliders into organizational strategies, that helps solve both of those pain points. Installing shelving sliders prevents the need to reach because they bring the cabinet contents from the back to the front.

Additional benefits include:

  • Durable and high-quality constructionpull out sliding shelves
  • More comfortable access to items in the back
  • Increases office storage space
  • Multi-use configurations
  • Straightforward installation process

Businesses need storage space for inventory, materials, supplies, and more. Not only does this storage solution need to be durable, but it also needs to be easy to access. In addition to those features, it’s beneficial for businesses to incorporate shelving sliders to improve workplace ergonomics.

Additional features to look for include:

  • Look for shelving sliders featuring shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Push-to-open slides involve giving them a gentle nudge to access their contents.
  • Self-closing features mean the slide goes in entirely with a slight push.
  • Soft-closing features mean the slide returns the cabinet without slamming.

How Shelving Sliders Benefit Military Personnel

Businesses and healthcare facilities aren’t the only areas where shelving sliders are beneficial. This type of storage solution also benefits workers in the government, military, and private sectors. Shelving sliders help keep parts, tools, weaponry, and more within reach when officials need to access or move these items. By making these items more accessible, that helps reduce storage capacities and time wasted searching for items.
Advanced storage solutions for the government, military, and private sectors include:

  • Ease of access: Military personnel can pull out shelves in storage cabinetry to access the items they need. For example, when using standard cabinetry shelving, they must move items out of the way to access what they need. That’s not the case when using shelving sliders.
  • Ergonomics: When workers use shelving sliders, they don’t have to worry about hurting their back to reach things. Using this system means there’s no longer the need to kneel or crouch when reaching items.
  • Increase storage capacities: Incorporating this solution means there are no gaps in storage areas. That means whoever is using or restocking an area can do so more tightly and fit more items in that area.
  • Organization: Users can improve their organization because things don’t have to move around when accessing storage areas. Instead, they can set up an organizational system that isn’t interrupted by users moving things around to reach what they need.

Technical Specifications and Design

Companies of all sizes face storage and accessibility challenges. That ranges from having items at the point of need or storage in cabinets or other facility areas. Typically, businesses use an in-house engineering team for solutions. Architects and engineers are available to provide innovative solutions to various industries. Examples include athletic, educational, law enforcement, libraries, medical, military, and more.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Durable, long-lasting, powder-coated finishes
  • Heavy-duty shelving supports
  • Optional adjustable dividers
  • Optional rolling security doors

Accessibility Storage Solutions

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to experience space constraints as they continue growing and expanding throughout the years. The incorporation of shelving sliders not only helps with accessibility but also the reduction of wasted space. The technical specifications for units featuring shelving sliders vary according to height, storage capacities, weight, and more. Here are a couple of examples:
Model: Compact Pull-Out Shelves with 3 Units: #SMS-70-S3-1236-SS3

  • Construction: Steel retractable bases & steel shelvingpull out selving sliders
  • Overall Closed Dimensions: 40.5″ wide x 43″ deep x 82″ or 91″ high
  • Shelving Unit Dimensions: 36″ wide x 12″ deep x 76″ high
  • Opening: 6 levels (82″ high); available with optional 7 levels (91″ high)
  • Unit weight: 976 lbs.
  • Type: Includes three shelving units that are 36″ wide x 12″ deep x 76″ high with backs

Model: Slide-Out Bookshelf Cabinets: #SMS-52-I9520-3

  • Construction: Exterior and face of the cabinet are constructed of 3/4″ M-3i particle board with low-pressure decorative laminate available in multiple finishes. Exposed cabinet box edges are covered in .020 PVC edge banding and 3mm edge banding on the door.
  • Overall Dimensions: 4′ 0″ wide x 3′ 3″ deep x 7′ 7″ high
  • Opening: Three pull-outs with 7 storage levels on each (right-side access)
  • Type: Pull-Out Wood Laminated Cabinets
  • Weight Capacity: 65 lbs. per shelf and 400 lbs. for each pull-out unit
  • Shelf Dimensions: Each individual storage shelf is 34-1/2″ wide x 14-1/4″ deep
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

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When companies work with expert on-staff designers, they can incorporate shelving sliders into their existing storage areas. The implementation of these plans involves various architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Evaluation of the site for new systems or integration into existing systems
  2. Spec creation and CAD drawings
  3. Plan presentation
  4. Integration of project plans with existing systems
  5. Installation of shelving sliders

Pull-Out Sliding Shelves Increase Efficiency and Maximize Storage

Southwest Solutions Group® provides innovative storage solutions to industries of all sizes, including incorporating shelving sliders. Reach out to one of our company’s expert design professionals today by email or phone. They’ll help you decide which rolling shelving system is best for your business. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.