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Pull-Out Storage Shelving

Make the Most of Your Space with Vertical Pull-Out Cabinets

Time is money! If your employees have to spend precious minutes searching for files, inventory, equipment, or tools, then it’s time to update your storage system. Instead of shoving another shelf in the back corner of the office, consider investing in vertical pull-out cabinets.

What Are Vertical Pull-Out Cabinets?

Pull-out vertical shelves are a form of retractable storage. The shelves line up together next to a wall or egress. Employees can pull out any shelf independently from the rest to grab an item. Because the shelves are placed together, they eliminate the need for aisle space, which can save you a significant amount of room.

Another great feature of the slide-out wall shelf is that all shelves are placed together. This helps employees know exactly where to find the patient files, invoices, office supplies, or other items. By clearly labeling each shelf, you can help employees save time, lower error rates, and increase their productivity. The shelves are also easy to use. Because the shelves roll out, employees won’t have to crouch or kneel to search for what they need.

Add Security to Your Filing Storage

Pull-out vertical shelves also increase the safety of your office. When the shelves are not in use, no one can see what they hold. This is ideal for keeping certain records or prototypes private. Additionally, you can lock the shelves in place so that only certain people can access the items on the shelf.

Flexible Configurations

We know that every company’s needs are different, which is why you can configure our pull-out file storage in multiple ways. Our planning and design team can help you determine the best way to configure your vertical pull-out cabinets. Installation is also a breeze with our certified installation team.

Try a Slide-Out Wall Shelf in Your Office

We believe that the right storage solution is an essential key to becoming a better-organized business. That’s why we’ve spent 50 years selling high-density storage solutions, filing storage solutions, and more. We’ve worked with a wide range of industries and look forward to working with you. If it’s time to invest in a vertical pull-out cabinet, contact us today for a quote.

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