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Keyless Day Lockers & Package Delivery Lockers

Smart Lockers Give You More Flexibility and Accountability

free revit bim modelsAll sorts of businesses need lockers for their employees, customers, and patrons. The past was all about padlocks and keys, but today, a new kind of locker is emerging. Smart lockers make it easy for businesses and organizations to use lockers and track their usage for greater accountability. From schools to apartment buildings, day spas, gyms, and more, keyless lockers can offer everyone a better experience.

What Are Smart Lockers?

Smart lockers do away with physical keys and locks and instead use a computerized system to control access. In some cases, users can access lockers with a keycard or a pin code. In other scenarios, a delivery person can use an automated system to scan a package and choose a delivery locker of the right size. They can then place the package in the locker, and the recipient will receive a text or email with the pin code they need to open the locker. 

A smart locker system can also track locker usage. The system records all activity, allowing owners to get a good idea of how the locker system is being used.

Benefits of Keyless Electronic Lockers

One of the most significant benefits of smart lockers is that you can access them anytime as long as you have the correct code. This is ideal for apartment buildings, dorm rooms, and delivery offices where residents, students, and workers may want to access lockers and pick up packages at a convenient time. Additionally, adding apartment parcel lockers to your residential building will keep packages safe, so they aren’t left vulnerable to theft. 

Finally, if anything goes missing, package tracking lockers can help you figure out who had the locker code at the time. This can help your customers, students, or residents track down their missing property.

Who Should Invest in Smart Lockers?

Many different types of organizations can improve their systems and security with keyless lockers, including:

  • Companies that want to offer employees secure lockers to place their things
  • Businesses like spas and gyms that want to provide lockers for their customers
  • Apartment and condo buildings
  • Dorm rooms
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Athletic teams
  • Package pickup places
  • Offices that receive many package deliveries for employees

Give Your Customers Better Service

Give your customers, employees, and residents peace of mind by investing in keyless lockers. Apartment parcel lockers keep packages safe and digital lockers for the office allow your employees to protect their belongings during work. At Southwest Solutions, we believe smart lockers can help your business run more smoothly. Request a quote today.

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