Military facilities are stocked full of gear, supplies, and equipment so personnel can be ready at a moment’s notice to grab what they need and jump into action. As vital as these supplies are, finding enough room to store them can be a problem due to limited storage space.  Also, supplies and gear need to be organized and inventoried correctly so they can be counted and retrieved quickly. Fortunately, these military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo solve these common problems related to storage capacity and accessibility.

Make the Most of Limited Space with Military Storage Racks for ISU Deployment Cargo

push back double deep military cargo racksMost military units are limited to specific storage facilities to house their supplies and gear. Due to cost and operational restrictions,  additional storage space might not be an option. Because military units are tasked with having to make the most of what limited storage space is available, it is essential they wisely organize their supplies and gear.

By using military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo, military personnel can maximize limited storage space. These racks were specifically designed to efficiently store standard ISU90 containers and 463L pallets as well as Tricon, Quadcon, and Bicon containers, and oversized cargo or pallets.

These military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo are all about making use of hidden or overlooked space that is otherwise wasted. By leveraging cubic or vertical space instead of floor space, these racks enable the stacking of crates and containers, thereby multiplying the usable storage area. These double-sided, two-story military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo can be set up on existing yards. They can be stacked back-to-back to allow for narrow walkways between them. Click here to explore all of our military storage solutions

Review and Compare Options for Military Storage Racks for ISU Deployment Cargo

laydown military cargo racksThese military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo come in several different models, including Universal, Lay-Down, Tricon, and Push-back. There are pros and cons of each model depending on your needs, space capacity, and situation.

The Universal model allows ISU90 containers and 463L pallets to stack neatly on top of each other, allowing the contents of both the top and bottom container to be accessed independently. That is, you can access either the top or bottom container without disturbing the other one. Moreover, crates and containers for these military storage racks for ISU deployment cargo can be readily loaded and stacked via the use of standard forklifts.

In addition to enhancing your space, these military storage racks can improve your inventory management. Using dunnage blocks for long-term storage can get unwieldy quickly as they aren’t intended for this purpose. Also, using dunnage blocks for storage can make it difficult to find, retrieve, and count inventory. These racks, however, allow you to manage your inventory so items can be readily retrieved.

The Lay-down model was explicitly created to store shorter containers and crates, tire stillages, razor wire rolls, pickets, sandbags, plywood, and more. These racks are 5-feet high instead of 8-feet high.

Store More with These Densely packed Military Storage Racks for ISU Deployment Cargo

stacked mobile military storage racks isu deployment cargoIf you are limited on space, the Tricon model, which makes use of slide back-and-forth “mobile carriages,” might be for you. The containers or crates are stacked directly next to each other on movable racks affixed with castors. This allows the containers to move apart and separate, creating an aisle between them so that a forklift can then load or unload the container. When finished, the container slides back to its original position next to the other container. With the Tricon model, you can increase your storage capacity by 100  percent or more without expanding your actual square footage.

Similarly, the Push-back model is also best suited for densely packed storage. These storage containers, which were designed to sit against a wall, allow you to push back one container behind the other. The containers sit on heavy-duty castors to stably and smoothly push back and forth. Click here to find out about more military storage equipment that can help troops efficiently organize inventory for fully equipped rapid deployment.

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