rapid deployment tentsEven in these uncertain times, the U.S. Armed Forces continue to defend our nation at home and overseas as well as carry out life-saving humanitarian missions. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we have a long history of supporting the U.S. military and its objectives. To continue in that long-standing tradition, we offer military storage equipment to help servicepeople maximize their storehouse capacity. These offerings will enable our troops to more efficiently organize and store their inventory so they will be ready at a moment’s notice for fully equipped rapid deployment.  

In this article, we will introduce the following military storage equipment:

tank rail ramps matsTank Rail Ramps and Mats – With these portable rail ramps and rail protector mats, you can quickly load and unload tanks and other armored vehicles from trains and rail carts. For military storage and transport, train carts are often relied on to move tanks long distances from their military base to their destinations.

These modular no-slip ramps can be put together in a few hours and allow for the safe unloading of heavy-duty tanks. The protector mats lay over the train tracks without damaging them. These integrated ramp pieces can be put together without any additional hardware or tools.

These tank rail ramps and mats can also be used to load or unload vehicles when tracks are incomplete or otherwise blocked (either due to natural or man-made obstructions). The configurability of the ramps allows you to unload tanks and other military vehicles wherever you are, including remote locations. For compact military storage, these ramps, which can support 93.5 tons, stack tidily inside one another to fit into a certified 20-foot ISU shipping container. Read more about tank rail ramps and mats.

portable tank maintenance platforms rampsPortable Tank Maintenance Platforms and Ramps – Perform inspections, maintenance, repairs, and washing on your tanks or armored vehicles wherever you are without relying on permanent structures with these stackable modular universal deployable ramps. These maintenance platforms easily transport by air, land, and sea vessels. Shaped like isosceles right triangles, the deployable ramps can stack on top of each other when not in use for compact storage. They fit in standard shipping containers for compact military storage and easy transportation.

Due to their ability to stack, these portable tank ramps will fit perfectly into a certified 20-foot ISU shipping container and then assemble into a 60-foot platform with ramps. When the tanks or other vehicles sit on the ramps, they are in the perfect position for performing inspections, maintenance, repairs, and washing. The ramps have a 75-ton load capacity with optional handrails for safety. Standard forklifts and cranes can unload and unfold these modular tank platforms and ramps to set them into place.

military storage racks isu deployment cargoMilitary Storage Racks for ISU Deployment Cargo – Maximize your limited military storage space with storage solutions for military ISU containers, cargo, and bulk storage items. Designed to organize, protect, and efficiently store military cargo, these storage racks can be sized and properly configured to make the most of your limited military equipment storage capacity. Cargo racks can be designed to store:

  • 463L pallets
  • ISU90 containers
  • Tricon containers
  • Quadcon containers
  • Bicon containers
  • All types of bulk cargo in crates or on pallets

Based on your requirements, these military cargo racks can be configured to eliminate unnecessary handling and enhance readiness by optimizing inventory so personnel can spend less searching for the correct equipment and supplies. Moreover, these military storage racks mean quick and accurate deployment when needed to ensure military readiness.  

Military cargo racks allow containers to stack, so the bottom and top containers are easily accessible. The two-story cargo racks include standard-sized walkways and stairways so that personnel can easily access the equipment and supplies from the upper ISU cargo containers.

Racks can be designed with or without roofs and for indoor or outdoor use and can be equipped with innovative push back rollers to even further compact the storage of ISU deployment containers. 

stackable military cargo storage cubesStackable Military Cargo Storage Racks Double the capacity of your storage space with these free-standing military equipment storage racks for heavy-duty cargo applications. These stackable storage racks are adjustable to fit oversized or smaller size storage spaces. Though they can be used for a variety of military storage applications, these storage racks are ideal for airfield and Air Force deployment due to their free-standing, non-tethered capability.

These free-standing military storage racks can be moved and reconfigured repeatedly to meet your ever-changing storage and inventory needs. Traditional fixed storage units can’t be adjusted or moved. So, if your storage needs change, you are stuck with what you have.  Also, military personnel can more easily find what they are looking for, and the inventory itself can be more readily and accurately accounted for, by using these stackable military equipment storage racks. 

Canvas covers can also be added to these military storage racks to protect heavy-duty assets from weather elements. These military storage units can be loaded or unloaded using a standard-issue forklift.

rack storage systems military vehiclesRack Storage Systems for Military Vehicles – Storing military vehicles can be a challenge for military storage facilities. These heavy-duty, adjustable racks are designed to do just that. Some of the types of vehicles that can be stored are

  • M-ATVs
  • UP-Armored lighter tactical vehicles
  • All HMMWV vehicles including ambulance models
  • ISU90 and 463L cargo
  • General rolling stock

Military vehicle storage racks can store vehicles weighing up to 8,000 lbs. and stack up to three high to minimize the warehouse footprint while reducing the time to access vehicles when needed. Each vehicle rack comes with a hinged loading ramp, forklift lifting pockets, multiple tie-down points, and ISU corner casters. Click here to learn more about rack storage systems for military vehicles.

These stackable racks are adjustable and made of galvanized steel that won’t chip, crack, or otherwise wear-down. When not in use, these units will disassemble for compact storage.

military shelving isu containersMilitary Shelving for ISU Containers – Turn BICON, TRICON, QUADCON, and 20-foot shipping containers into a well-organized and fully shelved military storage stockrooms. These shelving units are designed specifically for ISU containers to maximize every inch of space. Items are properly stowed and won’t shift in transit so that you can avoid costly damage. The individual shelves can be adjusted up and down in two-inch increments so you can make the most of your storage space.

Comprised of sturdy, non-rusting aluminum, these modular military shelving units can withstand heavy use and are lightweight. Optional shelving units on mobile bases are available to roll down the center aisle of the containers to maximize the storage of transported supplies. Upon arrival at their destination, the mobile shelving units can be moved into their field storage facilities. At the same time, the ISU shipping containers can be built into temporary storage and maintenance facilities. Watch a video that highlights other armory deployment shipping containers

military transport storage cratesMilitary Transport Storage Crates – These storage crates stack to maximize space and made to fit perfectly into 20-foot or 40-foot cargo deployment containers. Units come with a drop-down front for access to stored supplies and equipment. The stackable When not in use, the crates collapse to save space.

Rapid Deployment Tents – These temporary tents were designed to install on any type of surface and withstand 130 mph winds. Also, they can be set-up in a couple of hours and taken down in about half an hour.

These military storage tents come in several sizes and can be as large as 115 feet wide by 220 feet long and 16’ high at its peak. But the units will fit into standard military shipping containers when disassembled for easy and effective transport. 

high capacity housing tentsHigh-Capacity Housing Tents – These tents provide a four-fold increase compared to traditional dome style tents. The tents are designed for semi-permanent housing. A standard berthing tent 26’ wide by 40’ long by 14’ high will house forty-four sleeping spaces 80” wide by 40” deep by 40” high, three levels high. Individual areas come with beds, personnel storage lockers for each person, and privacy curtains. Larger spaces 10’ wide by 9’ deep by 6’ 8” high two levels high are available and include a small desk in addition to a storage locker and privacy curtain. The tents with larger spaces will house 40 spaces in a 40’ wide by 60’ long by 20’ high tent. One of these tented housing units can fit 40 people, whereas it would require nearly seven standard domed tents to match that same number of personnel.

These patent-pending tents are suitable for extended deployments and come equipped with lighting capabilities, electrical outlets, and even heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems so you and your unit will feel right at home.

Designed for military, humanitarian, and civilian use, these state-of-the-art tented housing structures are supported by heavy-duty aluminum and include internal and external fabrics. These tented structures are so comfortable and homey that you won’t want to leave. Read more about high-capacity housing tents here.

stackable sleeping bedsHigh-Capacity Sleeping Racks – Ensure your entire unit sleeps well at night with these rapid deployment high-density sleeping racks. With just enough space for sleeping and private reading or alone time, these sleep spaces are 120” wide by 42” deep by 38” high so that most people can sit up in them. Each unit is 20’ wide by 8’ deep by 10’ 10” tall and sleeps 12 people and includes individual privacy curtains and military storage lockers. The bed racks fit securely in standard 20’-foot shipping containers for accessible transport. The beds are perfect for deploying into existing buildings, and they can also be used for humanitarian or civilian purposes. Read more about high-capacity sleeping racks here.

portable light towersPortable Light Towers – These indoor or outdoor LED lighting fixtures are an excellent replacement for bulky wheeled light trailers. These lights are compact and can be quickly shipped and set up with no special equipment in less than a minute by only two people. Small for military storage, these light stands can expand to 15 feet tall and provide 65,000 Lumens. That is, they emit 50% more light than standard 4x400W halogen lights while consuming 75% less power making them energy efficient. Despite their compact size, these lightweight LED light towers compare with 1-ton trailer-mounted light stands as well as 1600W halogen systems. Suitable for military or civilian purposes. Read more about portable LED light towers here.

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