Increase Readiness with Shelving Units for ISU Containers

adjustable lightweight military tactical shelves ISU shipping containersSince 1969 Southwest Solutions Group® has been offering rapid deployment storage solutions for the U.S. military.  One of our offerings, shelving units for ISU containers, turns an ordinary shipping container into an organized, transportable mobile stockroom to support the military operating theater.

Deployment-Ready Shelving Units for ISU Containers

Military personnel must be equipped and prepared to move ahead at a moment’s notice. As such, these shelving units for ISU containers support the rapid deployment initiative of supplies and equipment for the military operating theater.

Shelving units tailored to maximize the storage of ISU shipping containers are stocked, secured, and ready to deploy quickly by air, land, and sea. Once in the operating theater, they can become an integral part of temporary shelters or tents to provide supplies for vehicle maintenance, mobile hospital units, or testing facilities. Watch a video that highlights alternative armory deployment shipping containers

What Are Shelving Units for ISU Containers?

portable military stockroom storageThe adjustable shelving units are expertly designed to fit precisely inside an ISU shipping container.  The shelving units/ISU containers serve as a portable, full-functioning stockroom storage solution where all your supplies are shipped in a neat, organized, and secure way.

The shelving units preinstalled in these deployable ISU containers are stocked with needed supplies from a military depo. The shelving units ensure your gear is organized in a manner so you know precisely the location of all the supplies and equipment. Once the ISU shipping container arrives, you simply open the ISU up and wheel out the center racks (shipped in the center aisle to maximize storage). You are then surrounded on both sides by a fully stocked container set for rapid deployment.

What Are the Benefits of Shelving Units for ISU Containers?

The shelving units for ISU containers enable quick deployment and immediate readiness in the operating theater. Because the shelving units fit precisely into ISU shipping containers, they allow fast turnkey efficiency. Built to be tactical, multiple shelving units install into ISU storage containers in a matter of hours. This way, they allow for fast mobilization and deployment of your inventory with minimal downtime. Moreover, the shelving for ISU containers make the most of the limited space inside the 20-ft. container so you can store much more than meets the eye.  

Optimizing Storage for ISU Shipping Containers

military shelving deployable ISU containersThe center work aisle in the container serves to access inventory stored in the shelving units. To maximize the shipping space, loaded wheeled shelving units are rolled in the aisle space and strapped securely in place. These mobile shelving racks, which are suitable for storing bulky items, can be rolled out of the ISU upon arrival. This storage capability allows you to maximize the storage capacity of the ISU container.

Improve Inventory Control with Tailored Shelving

With the shelving units for ISU containers, everything is well-organized and contents are ready for use. By making use of these fully loaded shelving compartments, you can find what you need quickly without having to waste time organizing piles of gear. The orderly arrangement of the shelves and their contents means counting and maintaining inventory is a breeze. Moreover, you can feel confident that inventory counts are accurate.

The shelving units keep items securely in place so they do not move about during transport, which prevents shifting and damage of items. Moreover, storage compartments can be locked equipped with locking doors to prevent theft or loss of high-value items.

More About ISU Shelving Units

rustproof tactical military storage ISU containersThe rust-proof shelving units for ISU containers are constructed of structural aluminum that is durable and tough enough to withstand the repeat, heavy use in the most difficult of environments.

Because storage requirements differ, the shelves are adjustable to meet the storage needs of the supplies and equipment shipped. The shelves themselves can be moved up or down in 2” increments to make room for large or small inventory items.

The standard shelving for ISU containers weighs less than 10,000 lbs. (when empty). Because the shelving units are made of lightweight aluminum, they add as little weight as possible to your overall cargo shipment. Click here to find out more about other storage designed to accommodate military deployment equipment

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In addition to our line of shelving for ISU containers, we offer a wide range of products on GSA Schedule. Southwest Solutions Group® offers shelving units for ISU Containers to improve the deployment and military operating theater readiness. Southwest Solutions Group® understands the importance of today’s always-ready military and are here to answer any questions you might have about our storage solutions. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.