Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing unique storage solutions for the U.S. military for over 50 years. One of our offerings helps to maximize the storage of military cargo in warehouses and storage yards.

These innovative cargo racks allow 463L pallets, crates, and ISU shipping containers to nest within a heavy-duty galvanized steel racks. The steel cargo racks are transportable like pallets but have built-in dunnage blocks making pallets, crates, and ISUs easy to set in place without the additional hassles of dunnage blocks. Also, the cargo racks will stack two-high to increase storage capacities within your facility — each cargo storage rack with support 12,000 pounds.

Typically, cargo pallets, crates, and ISU shipping containers present storage space and inventory management challenges due to their inability to stack. These storage problems typically lead to poor storage space utilization, labor-intensive handling, potential damage to materials by the weather, and ultimately poor readiness and deployment capability. Learn more about other military storage equipment that organizes your inventory efficiently so you are ready for rapid deployment. 

Maximize Space with Stackable Military Cargo Storage Racks

portable military cargo storageThe ability to stack cargo two-high provides a domino of benefits. First and foremost, you can virtually double the cargo capacity of your storage facility by using the available vertical space instead of floor space. The storage racks come with an optional internal shelf that allows efficient storage of smaller sized crates, containers, and boxes to maximize every inch of storage space within the cargo storage rack. 

But in addition to maximizing your facility’s storage capacity, these racks improve selectivity, flow, and organization of materials. For example, more cargo can be retrieved without moving pallets stacked in front of each other due to the lack of space. Less handling of cargo means less potential for damage, and more importantly better use of time. Think about it, no dunnage blocks to handle every time you want to move cargo. These cargo racks eliminate the need for keeping up with dunnage blocks making your personnel more efficient.

Manage and Protect Your Cargo

Besides space savings, inventorying and managing cargo is simplified. Cargo can be organized and inventoried easier. This makes the most of your warehousing capabilities and personnel so that you spend less time counting, tracking, and locating equipment and more time on ensuring the readiness of deployment cargo. These storage racks protect your investment and are designed to last for years.

In addition to virtually doubling your storage capacity and improving your inventory management, these stackable military cargo storage racks are free-standing so they can be rearranged as needed to maximize limited storage space. Their autonomous nature also enables them to be quickly loaded for flight or port environments.

Other Facts about Stackable Military Cargo Storage Racks Include:

  • stackable racks long crates pallets isu shipping containersStandard forklifts can be used to load and unload cargo storage racks, so there’s no need to purchase special cranes or loading equipment.
  • Designed for 463L pallets, ISU shipping containers, and any load up to 116” wide x 94” deep x 104” high.
  • Optional fabric covers can be added to the cargo storage racks to protect them from the outdoor elements.
  • The cargo racks are freestanding and come with connectors on all four corners, to connect racks side by side and back to back if desired. This way, they can connect to form one large storage unit or break apart to become several stand-alone storage units.
  • Each storage rack can hold 12,000 pounds on each shelf or as much as 24,000 pounds total.

Find out more about the flexible and efficient military storage strategies and solutions we have available to meet your application needs. 

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