installing compact shelving tracks

The first step in installing a compact shelving system is laying out the tracks on to floor surface. After the tracks are properly spaced, the tracks are leveled with a laser level. It is very important to get the compact shelving tracks level so “free drifting” or unmanned rolling of the shelving carriages does not occur. Once the tracks are properly placed and leveled, they are anchored to the floor. (See videos See videos)

completing the installation of compact shelving

The next step in the installation process is installing the rolling carriages on top of the tracks. Once the rolling carriages are built and set in place, one of three types of compact shelving control mechanisms (push-button, 3-spoke mechanical-assist handles, or manual pull handles) are installed to the operating end of the compact shelving carriages or both ends of the shelving carriages if the system is a dual access system. Finally the shelving is mounted on top of the carriages and the installation is complete.

about our platinum level certified installation team

Our factory trained platinum level installation team’s goal is to make your experience with Southwest Solutions Group an exceptional one, from the first contact to leaving the installation area in broom clean condition. That includes installing your equipment properly, being kind and courteous, having a “can do” attitude, and communicating the operation and safety features of your system. Southwest Solutions Group offers a full line of installation services including installation of new equipment, relocations of existing equipment (all brands), service calls, and preventative maintenance agreements.

Listen to what our clients say about our installation Team

“Southwest Solutions Group’s installers are the best! There is a distinct contrast between Southwest Solutions Group installers and all the others who have been working in the library. They know their business. They know when things will arrive and what has to be done. They know if there is a problem and what to do about it. And, they are a pleasure to work with.”

professional installation services automated storage retrieval and high density shelving“I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent work assisting us with the move of our archives. No other company could of done what your team did. Please thank the entire Southwest Solutions Group Team for their outstanding work.”

“Southwest Solutions Group is the best managed team I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve been working on campus, bar none. You could give lessons to some of the other contractors we do business with at WSU! Every detail was perfectly coordinated, including keeping the jobsite clean…. thank you!”

“The installation crew was incredibly professional. I really appreciated their “can do” attitude to when they were asked to move some additional file shelving units to a different location after the fact.”

“Your installation team is by far the best installation team that has ever worked in our building. Thank you for doing a fantastic job and making our project a pleasant experience.”

“Your install team arrived at 9:00 AM after driving from Little Rock and worked straight through until 5:00 PM only stopping for a short break. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to our project. “

With a team of 30 installers covering Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee you can have confidence in our commitment to serve you.

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