CSI 12 93 13 bicycle racks, lockers, wall brackets

csi 12 93 13 automated push button bicycle racks & wall bracketsCSI 12 93 13 bicycle racks and wall brackets as well as 129314 bike storage lockers, provide a simple and easy solution to the difficult task of storing bicycles. These bike storage solutions are ideal for many markets and facilities, including law enforcement, apartment buildings, bike shops, and more. Read below to discover the many easy bike storage options we offer.

types of 129314 bike storage lockers & racks

Wall mounted hanging bike racks are push-button bike storage racks that automatically store and retrieve bicycles without any effort from the user, eliminating the risk of damage being done to the bikes as a result of handling. While climbing a ladder to retrieve bikes stored overhead, these racks lower bicycles to the ground with the push of a button for easy and quick access. And since the racks use overhead air space instead of taking up floor space, it makes them ideal for retail and residential storage areas.

csi 129314 outdoor stainless steel bike storage lockersBike double-tiered stacker storage racks neatly store 8 to 14 bikes in just about 8 feet of space. To store a bike, simply roll it forward until the wheels slide into the slot. Bike stacker storage racks are available in depths of 5’8″ and widths from 5′, 6′, 7′, and 8′.

Bicycle wall brackets are much like the stacker storage racks, but provide a vertical solution for bike storage. The wall brackets secure the bikes on the wall for space savings and safety, preventing bikes from being damaged.

Outdoor bicycle storage lockers are becoming more and more common as a safer solution for storing bikes outside of a building. These lockers are constructed from heavy gauge powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability and various locking options.

Overhead bike storage lifts are another automated bike storage solution that automatically brings all stored bikes down from above to reduce the need for handling and to save space.

Slide-out vertical bike racks are ideal for retail areas and bike shops. They store five bikes for every 2 1/2′ wide area and prevent damage since every bike is stored in its own area. The bikes are stored in cradles that slide out and can be retrieved by a single person. To access bikes on upper storage levels, the user simply uses the extension rod to slide the bike cradle out and down to a retrieval level.

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