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Case Carts and Surgical Carts for medical supply storage

Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts

Our Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts are a great solution for transporting medical supplies and products to different areas throughout your medical facility. All of our hospital carts come in numerous layouts to give you one, two, or three columns of storage. In addition, there are several accessories available for you to custom design the interiors for each specific task. Stainless steel materials can be used in surgical centers or any area that needs frequent sanitizing to provide an easy to clean cart storage solution. For security, Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts can easily be fitted with locking rolling doors. (view images of our numerous styles of carts)

Features and Benefits of Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts

Here are just some of the features and benefits of Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts:

  • Easily Adjustable Shelves: Shelf brackets attach and detach easily from the slots for quick shelf adjustability.
  • Convenient Access: Shelves on the carts extend out halfway, for easy access to medical products and supplies.
  • Effortlessly Maneuverable: The handles on both sides of the carts allow for pushing or pulling from either end and provide better cart control.
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    Strong Construction: The double-panel door construction provides better strength and minimizes maintenance. In addition, shelves have “safety edges” to eliminate ripping of packs.

  • Simple to Clean: Stainless steel construction makes carts washable. Also, a weep hole at the cart’s front corners and underside of door panels facilitate drainage and drying.
  • Independent Caster Channel System: A separate caster channel on each side of the cart means that if a caster gets damaged only one caster channel will have to be replaced instead of the entire dolly.
  • Choice of Casters: Carts are available with either stainless steel casters or maintenance-free polymer casters, which are both non-corrosive and washable.

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Assisting healthcare professionals with designing and planning innovative solutions is an important part of our business. Our experienced team of healthcare storage professionals is ready to share the latest methods and technologies to solve your facility’s space and productivity challenges. Let us help you with the right Hospital Carts, Case Carts, and Surgical Carts for your medical facility. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a representative today.