In the previous article, we discussed factors to consider before transitioning to a paperless office. Businesses who convert to a paperless office have more cost-effective business operations, are more eco-friendly, and are more efficient because they don’t have to worry about pushing paper or spend large amounts of time searching through file cabinets for the papers they need. However, transitioning to a paperless office can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large amount of paper to digitize. Document conversion software can be expensive, combined with the resources needed to train employees to scan the documents accurately. Many companies have no idea where to start; that’s where we come in.

We Can Help You Transition to a Paperless Office

If you’d rather not hassle with training and managing people to scan your files , we can scan all of your documents for you so you don’t have to. We offer onsite and offsite document and backfile scanning services that are completely HIPAA and CJIS compliant and available on a GSA schedule contract. The scanning services include many steps to ensure your project is done right so your transition from paper to digital documents is as smooth as possible.

  1. Cameras are set up in a secured room within your facility. Once the room is properly secured, we will receive and audit your record boxes. The files in each record box are audited and a barcode scanning sheet (to identify and track the files) is placed in the front of each file folder before documents are prepped for scanning.
  2. File boxes are sent to a document prepping station where we remove staples, paperclips, and fix dog-eared documents. We make certain we are following the guidelines you’ve set out for on how to handle and scan post-it notes, photos, and any other special documents. Once the files are properly prepped, they are ready to be scanned.
  3. As documents are being scanned, attendants ensure the images are clean and clear. The digital documents and compared to the originals to closely inspect and make sure that all standards are met. Documents that don’t meet standards are manually re-scanned.
  4. Once all paper is converted, they are outputted to a CD, DVD, or an online cloud repository.

Click on the image below for a more detailed view of our 10-step document scanning process.

Click to view our document digitization process

Click to view our document digitization process

Contact Us For Document Scanning Services

Southwest Solutions Group® can help with your company’s paperless office transition, whether it be is for document scanning services, paperless office technology and software, or paperless office management consultations. SSG will even scan a box of your records for free to ensure everything is done exactly to your specifications. To learn more or to speak with an information management specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.