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reducing space with vertical storage and automated equipment

automated equipment and vertical storage reduces space in automotive dealershipsAn automotive dealership was designing a new dealership, and a highly efficient service department was one of their top priorities. Since their building was equipped with high ceilings, they installed two high density vertical storage systems to reduce floor space. Two vertical storage units, a vertical carousel and vertical lift module (VLM), reach almost 24 feet tall and span the facility's two floors. The vertical carousel stores small bin parts, while the VLM stores bulkier items and cases. Combined, the units hold the equivalent of 120 sections of storage shelving. The parts shelving would have required 1,540 square feet of floor space, while the automated equipment only occupies 203 square feet. This resulted in 87% of floor savings for the dealership. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

vertical Lift and Carousel storage units for automotive dealerships

The vertical carousel the automotive dealership invested in utilizes a series of "carrier" shelf levels that rotate around and are presented to the operator at an ergonomic work counter. The machine also utilizes pick lights to indicate which tote the operator should pick from for picking parts for improved speed and accuracy. With the new vertical storage units, employees don't need to walk and search through rows of shelving bins to retrieve a part.

automated vertical lift modules and shuttles reduce space in automotive dealerships

The vertical lift module (VLM) uses a series of vertically arranged trays that are automatically stored and retrieved using an extractor. The trays are presented at an ergonomically placed pick window for the operator to pick or store a part. The storage unit scans each tray with a height sensor to automatically store it in the least amount of space possible. Operators don't have to think about the best place to store parts because the units are intelligent enough to accomplish the organization of small and bulky carton trays quickly and easily.

The VLM also has a pick to light system to improve picking speed and accuracy. Using the pick to light system, the operator is directed to the exact part that is needed, and automatically moves to the next picking part when the operator is finished. This not only speeds up the picking process but increases customer satisfaction because of the quick order processing. The pick to light system combined with the automated equipment and vertical storage also reduced the amount of walking and searching time the employees were spending looking for parts.

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