Space-saving automotive tool & part storage rids accident potential

heavy duty industrial roll up door cabinetsHeavy duty industrial roll-up door cabinets offer a quality-made solution designed with the intention to create automotive tool & part storage that could save space and promote safety while keeping essentials close at hand. Their construction and installation resulted from a tool and part storage problem experienced on the production floor at a facility that manufactures luxury vehicles. Read on to learn more about the situation facing the motor car company.

With a great many parts and tools which require efficient and effective accommodation that allows keeping items close to the work area, the dealer working with the facility proposed using heavy-duty industrial cabinets offered through a leading storage manufacturer. Their use would not cause the challenge that comes with using a typical 48″ wide cabinet with two 24″ wide hinged doors that swing outward to create space loss and potential safety hazards. It was the exact problematic situation that the facility desired to avoid. See more automotive storage solutions.

With the dealer bringing the issue to the storage manufacturer’s attention, the solution resulted in designing heavy-duty industrial roll-up door cabinets which allow total access while keeping aisles free of obstacles that could take up space and risk user safety. The roll-up door provides a clean and tidy look to the automotive tool & part storage while eliminating accident potential and saving aisle space in high-volume production areas.

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Heavy-duty roll-up door cabinets bring about more storage

automotive tool part storageDue to the success that resulted from using the heavy-duty industrial roll-up door cabinets, the automotive facility contacted the dealer and storage manufacturer about other industrial product requirements. Located within that one facility are many storage systems, which came from the same manufacturer that provided the automotive tool and part storage. This includes shop tables, tool carts, and shop desks to name a few.

Watch a video about how a roll-up door operates to secure storage shelving.

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