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mobile car part storageIn order to be considered a leader in automobile sales it takes the right blend of people and customer service. And those with experience working in an automotive garage, probably know better than anyone, that customer service of any real quality isn’t sustainable without the support of a well oiled parts and repair department. Of course, there are is the strength of statistics to consider. For example, did you know that the service department is responsible for 60% of a dealership’s net profitability? Even greater still, is the realization that a whopping 73% of customers are much more likely to go back at another time if their experience was above and beyond what they expected. The power of these statistics, in addition to knowing that having organized materials was essential to retaining a good rapport with clients, was reason enough for the manager of a top-ranked car dealership to seek out smarter mobile car part storage when faced with a service department that had become overly crowded with inventory. Mobile storage helps dealership achieve optimal space-savings for car parts.  

Its control handle, which requires little effort to turn, makes it possible for an operator to literally move thousands of pounds of material into a compacted footprint for added capacity. Performed with the greatest of ease, the operation is all it takes to ensure that the system creates space needed to help with improving auto mechanic service efficiency and organization which, by extension, leads to increased satisfaction from customers. 

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creates space improving auto mechanic service efficiencyAdaptable mobile car part storage

It just so happened, that the manager had gotten a look at a mobile shelving unit of a similar operation some time ago. The chance sighting occurred while visiting the offices of a local equipment company. He had been there to lend a hand with an installation of overhead doors and industrial shelving. Although the unit had been used to store filing cabinets rather than car parts, it got him thinking about whether or not the system could be adapted for mobile car part storage. After some deliberation with the equipment, the manager was moved to conclude that it was the right choice for accommodating anything within the service department. This included everything from car parts and hardware to tools.

It’s a good thing, too. With just 24-inch shelving aisles, the unit which was used at the former facility was quite narrow and resulted in increased difficulty when it came to accessing or organizing the system. A steady accumulation of parts required for service was compounding the situation by adding extra stress on the already maxed-out storage unit. The service times and the efficiency of the department were also greatly affected whenever mechanics weren’t able to locate inventory. Click here to learn about high-density mobile shelving

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Mobile car part storage design allows auto service space-savings & efficiency

Those involved were allowed to design around a column already present within the facility and make ample use of existing shelving through the employment of a single bank of stationary shelving, which was flanked by the mobile car part storage. With its installation, mechanics are free to facilitate movement of the shelves and easily access aisles.So much free space was provided by way of the system’s one-of-a-kind design, that the dealership’s service department was given enough capacity to store triple the amount of parts as before without exceeding the footprint. This not only allowed increased space-savings and efficiency to materialize but resulted in faster repair times and better customer service.

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“I just want to take a minute to let you know how good of a job your install crew did yesterday. They were quick, fast, courteous, and very consensus during the installation. They were awesome, to say the least. Being in the service business ourselves, we know that you can never hear the words “Good Job” often enough. Please pass this along to your crew.”

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“Thanks for getting our Compact Pallet Rack system completed on time with little disruptions to our operation. Jim did a great job of listening to understand our needs and was able to design a system that works well for us. Kerry and the installation group were great. They were well organized and left the area very clean every day and at the end of the project.”


“We are coming up on a year since we installed the file system here at Bill Heard Chevrolet, and we continue to be more than happy with the outcome. The barcode tracking software system tracks the documents for us and is easy to maintain and use. There is something to be said about keeping things simple. We really like the way it interfaces with our software and populates fields for us automatically on a daily basis. Your guidance in the project was the best deal of all though. Your help in the setup and advice on what would work and what might not work saved us a lot of time and money. Again, thanks so much for your help and count on us as another satisfied customer.”

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