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organizing parts & tools In Less Space

mobilized storage racks organize parts in less space for transportation system parts warehouseA transit authority transportation system with approximately 2,000 buses operating over 154 routes needed a more efficient parts and tooling storage solution to support the daily maintenance required to keep all buses operational. Mobilized storage racks helped organize parts for the transportation system in less space than conventional static racking.

the challenge

The difficulty of the situation stemmed from the diverse range of bus models, each with unique parts, currently in service. Keeping the right amount of important parts at specific stock levels and storing them in a designated location for each while also maintaining full accessibility proved to be a challenge.

The transit authority was previously maintaining its parts storage on stationary static shelving. As their parts inventory grew, they exceeded their storage capacity and had no room for additional shelving due to facility constraints. Expansion and offsite storage just weren't options.

the solution

storing parts & tools for transit warehouse in mobilized storage racksAfter an on-site evaluation of their storage space, mobilized storage racks were recommended. Unlike traditional racking systems, the mobilized storage racks only require one moving aisle that opens and closes where needed with the turn of an ergonomic three-spoke crank to provide full and consistent access to all materials for quick and safe retrieval. By designing the system into modules on each side of the 4' common central access aisle, the racks were able to maximize their storage density by allowing multiple technicians to access parts in various storage aisles simultaneously.

As a result, they were also able to add a few things that weren't in their original budget due to the costs they saved, in addition to increased productivity and repair times. Now the transportation system has experienced a significant positive impact on their capacity, picking speeds, and parts zoning in the parts warehouse, which allows fast-moving service parts to be located in the front and optimum location. The flexibility of the system will also allow them to relocate at any time to accommodate future growth.

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