folding rolling workstation desks for quick and adaptable work spaces

Folding Rolling Workstation Desks

Swiftspace folding rolling workstation desks offer a quick and adaptable workplace solution. The workstation desks can be used for a variety of temporary and permanent applications including:

  • hoteling employees
  • visiting consultants
  • remote locations
  • warehouses
  • production facilities
  • disaster recovery teams
  • classrooms
  • small office spaces

And the folding rolling workstation desks let you decide how you want to work. You can work in complete privacy or have a combination of privacy and open concept for collaboration. With countless options and unmatched construction, you are sure to find the Swiftspace folding rolling workstation desk that will meet your business needs.

Swiftspace Folding Rolling Workstation Desks Featuresfolding and rolling workstation desks

  • Folding rolling workstation desks are available with three wall options: no walls, 41 in walls, and 52 in walls. The option is also available to mix any of the wall heights on the same workstation desk.
  • The frame of the workstation desk is made of 40 mm thick extruded aluminum, which gives the product strength but allows it to remain very lightweight.
  • The work surface is made of a high-pressure laminate top and a particle-board core. The edging is a durable 2 mm PVC.
  • The upper panels come standard in a 4 mm lightweight polycarbonate material that allows natural light in while still offering privacy.
  • A fabric-covered tackboard or whiteboard can be inserted into any of the upper panel positions.
  • The lower panels of the folding rolling workstation desks are made of 4 mm thick low-pressure melamine.
  • The work surfaces and panels are available in 12 standard colors. Special colors are available upon request.
  • The folding rolling workstation desks come with locking casters to prevent it from moving once it’s put into position.
  • Other options include hanging rails and accessories, task lights, and power bars.

    swiftspace folding rolling workstation desks wall options

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