Military Logistics Supply Storage Racks

Static warehouse supply racks waste as much as 64% of available warehouse storage space. Motorized Pallet Racks systems reduce this wasted space by allowing more inventoried materials to be stored in military logistics supply storage and organized in a smaller area resulting in operational efficiency and increased productivity. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Spacesaver® ActivRAC 30P Mobilized Racks For GSA Supply Storage

Features of the Spacesaver ActivRAC 30P mobilized warehouse rack systems are:

  • Automatic Security Doors on racks (Optional)
  • Secured Keypad Access (Enables controlled access)
  • Multiple Access Aisles (Number of aisles is based on your needs)
  • Saves Space (can reduce storage space in half or double storage in the same floorspace area)
  • Collapsible Rack System (Provides security of inventory and storage area)
  • Infrared Safety System (Protects users and materials in access aisles)

Mobile Pallet Racking Provides Access Aisles Based on Your Needs

Spacesaver ActivRAC mobilized racks and shelving allows you have one or multiple access aisles to your stored inventory based on your activity. Right-sizing access to your storage area with multiple aisles allows people to complete their work faster. Click to learn more about pallet racks.

Total Security for Military Logistics Supply Items with Motorized Pallet Racks

The Spacesaver ActivRac mobile storage system can be designed to collapse by having all the rows of shelving or racks roll together and lock. You won’t have to worry if your inventory items are safe and secure because once the entire storage area collapses together it locks for total storage security.

Control Logistics Supply Access With Motorized Rack Touchpad Security System

A unique feature of the Spacesaver ActivRAC mobile storage system is the controlled access touchpad entry system. The access touchpad controls who has access to certain storage areas, and tracks when and where they were in the storage area. Each person is set up with an individual pin that gives them access to the mobile storage system. The security pin controls what area(s) of the storage system they can access. For example, you may have supplies that are available to all workers but want other items to have limited access by designated personnel only.

Motorized Pallet Racks Protects Workers and Inventory With Laser Safety System

The Spacesaver ActivRAC mobilized storage rack system is equipped with infrared lasers that run from end to end along the face of the shelving rows and side to side across the access aisles. These lasers can detect when someone enters into an open-access aisle. When someone enters into a storage aisle, the keypad will display the aisle is in use and prevent movement of the shelving. Also, the lasers will detect boxes or parts left in an access aisle. When the infrared beams located at the bottom and across the face of the rack units detect a part or a box left in an aisle, the mobilized shelving system stops moving until the item has been removed and the keypad safety button is cleared.

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