Document Scanning

Having accurate information in a timely manner is extremely important to healthcare professionals. Our information management solutions can help enhance efficiency for your healthcare facility and bring digital patient charts and records to healthcare professionals faster than ever, allowing more valuable time with patients. Whether you need a way to scan older patient files and records into your current EMR system or you need a system for managing the files and records, there is a solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition, our document scanning services are completely HIPAA compliant.

High-Speed Document Scanning Services

High-Speed Document Scanning Services (read more)

HIPAA & CJIS Document Scanning

HIPAA & CJIS Document Scanning Available on GSA Contract (read more)

Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services (read more)

Onsite Document & Backfile Scanning Services

Onsite Document & Backfile Scanning Services (read more)


Streamline your file tracking work. Other than our efficient and durable sliding storage shelves and other heavy-duty file storage solutions, we also offer robust RFID tracking systems and document management solutions that make documents and asset tracking much easier. Our RFID file tracking system solutions can ensure that physical files, records, other assets, and even lost files are easily located and managed real-time.

Automated RFID File Tracking

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Automated RFID File Tracking

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HIM Medical Records & Files

Our medical records and files solutions will help your doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, or clinic with health information management (HIM). Our solutions are designed to keep your patient charts and medical records organized while keeping your office space efficient. We offer a variety of shelving and labeling systems that will help you create the HIM system that works best for you.

Automated File Drawer Cabinets

Automated File Drawer Cabinets (read more)

HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Shelving

HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Shelving (read more)

Color Coded High Density File Shelving

Color Coded High Density File Shelving (read more)

One Piece Color Coded Label Printer

One Piece Color Coded Label Printer (read more)