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The University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Warhawks’ football equipment room was in total disarray; they needed help getting organized. The answer to their problems came in the form of high capacity mobile shelving that was able to get equipment in order, save time, and create a renewed sense of pride in the equipment room. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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An Overcrowded and Outdated Equipment Room Leaves Everything Disorganized

The university’s football equipment room was overcrowded and outdated. Frequently used items like helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms, practice sweats, travel suits, and field practice equipment were jumbled together all over the place. In addition to these actively used items, an inventory of old uniforms and apparel for summer camps were stored in the room. Not to mention the old outdated athletic equipment that should have been thrown away. Everything was completely disorganized.

  1. Furthermore, the existing shelving was old, made of wood and permanently installed (fixed with no adjustable shelves). The process of unlocking the cabinets, pulling required items, and re-locking the cabinets in preparation for game day took over two hours to complete. The lack of flexibility and organization made it impossible to meet the needs of the growing football program; it was time to explore alternate storage solutions.

High Capacity Mobile Shelving Gives New Life to the Football Equipment Room

university football equipment room shelvingAfter a space analysis was completed, the university chose a high capacity mobile shelving system to house most of the equipment. Stationary 4-post shelving, under counter storage cabinets and drawers, and transport carts were also incorporated into the football equipment room.

The high capacity mobile shelving houses athletic equipment like helmets, uniforms, and shoulder pads and is the entire shelving system can be locked with one locking mechanism. A custom designed decal was applied to the end panels of the shelving for room appeal and enhance team spirit. Special storage compartments within stationary 4-post shelving units were designed for balls, towels, and frequently accessed gear that did not need to be secured.

An additional storage unit outfitted with locking drawers features compartments for many small repair items, and a locking receding door for a stereo receiver that pipes music throughout the building. Two different counters serve as work areas with storage below, which the staff uses to make repairs to equipment. Previously, they had only one desk to use as workspace.

Team Spirit Continues to Grow with the Newly Renovated Football Equipment Roomuniversity football helmets stored in the mobile shelving

Today, the equipment room is used much more effectively. Equipment, gear, and uniforms are organized neatly within the high capacity mobile shelving. Because the system has only one locking mechanism to open and close, the pre-game process of pulling gear and uniforms that used to take over two hours now takes under 45 minutes. This process is also made more efficient through use of the transport carts that haul jerseys, socks, and shoes from the equipment room to the locker room.

Not only have the new storage systems saved time and organized the football equipment room, they’ve renewed a sense of pride and excitement about the space. Before, the recruitment process did not involve a look at the equipment room. Now, the tour takes potential athletes and students right into the space where they can see team pride displayed prominently on the high capacity mobile shelving system, and understand the care put into storing and maintaining team equipment.

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