The proper gear is crucial for player safety. Being safe is costly in terms of time, money, and space. Our athletic equipment storage solutions protect your investment and keep it organized so you can focus on developing your athletes, not digging for supplies and equipment.

No matter the size of your program or the current state of your athletic equipment storage, Southwest Solutions Group can help your team stay organized without breaking your budget. We can help build a system around the gear you’re storing and plan for the future as your needs change. Visit our online store to see our athletic storage products.

The athletic equipment room is more than just a glorified storage room for athletic programs. It’s where uniforms and gear are cleaned and mended to game-day perfection and can even help seal the deal for potential recruits. 

Don’t allow disorganization or cramped storage space to prevent you from serving athletes in the most efficient manner possible. Southwest Solutions Group is here to help you design a solution that’s as impressive as it is functional, whether you’re storing equipment for one team or an entire athletic program.

Get your athletic facility organized with space-saving Athletic Equipment Storage Systems from Southwest Solutions Group®. Our Athletic Equipment Storage Shelving will cut your storage floor space in half or double your storage capacity in the same floor space. 

Our Athletic Equipment Storage Solutions is so flexible it will store virtually anything, no matter how big or small the item. We have installed this shelving for professional teams, collegiate teams, high schools, training facilities, sports camps, and athletic retail stores. (read more about high-density storage systems)

Offering the Right Solutions for Your Space

You expect maximum results from everyone on your team, and we deliver. Here’s how: We work with equipment managers, athletic directors, and coaches to understand what they need to store. Then we design equipment room layouts that make the best use of space and optimize staff workflows, and we help choose accessories to ensure everything has its place. Finally, our local, factory-certified crews install your systems, train your staff, and take care of service calls.

As a result:

  • Protect gear
  • Impress recruits
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Boost team pride

Benefits of Our Athletic Equipment Storage Systems 

  • Delivers twice the storage capacity of static storage units
  • It lets you centralize storage for quick suit-ups and easy equipment management
  • Flexible enough to store large items and small items in the same shelving unit
  • Are easily sub-divided to accommodate equipment storage for multiple sports
  • Can incorporate a wide variety of storage options in one system:
  • Specialized storage bags or bins for shoes and bulky uniforms, and protective gear
  • Lockers and hanging racks for street clothes
  • Drawers and cabinets for training gear and medical and office supplies
  • Provide proper equipment ventilation
  • Prevent theft with proven security features like lockable units, keypad entry systems, and remote access control
  • The design accommodates more than one user at a time
  • Are easily reconfigured when your needs change
  • Can include laminate and stainless steel countertop areas for efficient equipment checkout and repair

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Athletic Equipment Storage for Many Sports Items 

Here are some things you can store on our athletic equipment shelving units:

  • Jerseys (folded and hanging)
  • Shoulder pads and other pads
  • Helmet and faceguards
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Personnel Files and Medical Records
  • Playbooks and team scouting reports
  • Field maintenance equipment and parts
  • Hanging racks for street clothes
  • Shoes, Hats, Bats
  • Game tapes
  • Hockey sticks
  • Golf club bags
  • Equipment bags
  • Poster and pictures

Perfect for Game and Practice Gear Storage

Shoulder Pads – To promote the proper storage of shoulder pads, our application allows total air circulation, prolonging the life of the equipment.

Jerseys – Our athletic storage system is a walk-in closet that doubles the number of jerseys that fit in the unit.

Helmets – For this gear, our shelving units are similar to the player cubbies, although on a small, helmet-sized scale.

Accessories – Smaller equipment items such as socks and gloves required an efficient method for keeping track of everything, so we used our shelving system to create large cubby-type sections to divide the things. We also integrated clear bars at the opening of the cubbies to prevent stuff from falling out.

Maximizing Space

How can you maximize the space that you’ve got? Protect your equipment and make the most of your area with storage solutions that maximize the total amount of cubic space while improving access and organization.

A well-designed athletic department can maximize the value of the current square footage. Our Athletic Storage Solutions increase storage capacity to fit all your athletic equipment in your current area, regardless of their shape, size, or weight.

Our solutions can contribute to the overall success of your athletic program. Our space-saving efficient, organized storage systems will enhance the workflow of your athletic and sports department. 

The payoff is increased long-term efficiency in terms of space usage, storage, safety, and sanitation, and maximized ROI.

We Know Our Stuff!

Our knowledgeable athletic equipment storage specialists will work with you to fully understand your unique storage challenges and design an innovative storage solution to save your athletic department time and floor space. Whether you manage an athletic equipment storage facility for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, swimming, soccer, lacrosse, or any other sport, we have Athletic Equipment Storage Systems that will make your facility operate more efficiently. Call us toll-free at (800) 803-1083 or send us a message.

Athletic Testimonials

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“We absolutely love our new high-density football helmet storage shelving. I’m amazed at the unique storage solutions you have to offer. We appreciate how Steve listened to our requirements and came up with a very practical storage solution. Chad and his installation team kept us informed throughout the installation process. Your crew was very clean and courteous. Great job!”

Oklahoma State University
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“Thanks so much (Troy) for coordinating getting the ramp removed so quickly. We truly appreciate the communication and doing whatever it took to meet our last-minute notice deadline. Your customer service throughout the process has been second to none.”

University of Texas
Kansas University

“I have worked with Chuck on several projects since arriving at Kansas University. He is a top reason why I continue to come back to Spacesaver/Southwest Solutions Group for our storage needs. He has experience with several athletic equipment room projects and sweats every detail because he knows it matters to us. Chuck never hesitates to jump in when necessary to make sure the project is finished properly. He is prompt for appointments and puts in the extra time to meet deadlines. Several adjustments had to be made during installation and he kept us well informed we are pleased with the results. I’ve noted several points above that leave me with positive memories. The completed and immaculate new athletic equipment system along with its work counters and modular cabinets will be my most positive memory.”

Kansas University
Texas A&M University

“Your team absolutely knocked it out of the park! We are very pleased with the high-quality work they did under challenging conditions. I will be contacting you around November/December of this year as we will need additional racks installed.”

Texas A&M University