Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks for Storing Military Supplies and Equipment in Fort Worth

Warehouse Storage Racks Storing Military Supplies and Equipment

Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks help to achieve maximum productivity in less floor space when storing military supplies and equipment. With military budgets getting tight the armed forces is looking for ways to consolidate floor space and avoid new construction costs. Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks can double the storage capacity of a warehouse facility without using any additional floor space. Likewise, these systems can condense your warehouse storage floor space by as much as 50% or more. These space saving mobile racks and cabinets have eliminated the need for auxiliary warehouses and abandoned new construction projects by efficiently utilizing existing warehouse space. Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks for storing military supplies and equipment in Ft Worth, Abilene, Fort Hood, Wichita Falls and across the state of Texas.

Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks Ft Worth Dallas Arlington Fort Hood How An Army Distribution Center Solved Its Storage Problem with Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks

A regional Army supply distribution center that distributes millions of dollars worth of military supplies and equipment each year was out of space in their warehouse. After discovering the space saving efficiencies of Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks, the Army purchased five Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks Systems. One of the Mobile Rack Systems was purchased to store bulk supplies ranging from sleeping bags to vehicle engines. A second lockable system stores high dollar sensitive small parts that needed security and dust protection. Two additional Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks were installed for new clothing distribution and for clothing turn-in. The last system was used to stage and store troop orders for pick up after the parts had been assembled.

Mobile Warehouse Racks Storing Military Supplies Fort Worth Dallas Sherman Ft Hood

Benefits of Storing Military Supplies and Equipment in Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks

The Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks Systems allowed the Army supply distribution center to regain 7,000 square feet of floor space, in addition to increasing their parts storage capacity by 67 percent. The space saving and storage capacity benefits, allowed them to relocate all their military supplies and equipment stored in an off-site warehouse into the main distribution warehouse saving almost $11,000 in labor costs the first first year.

Military Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks Fort Worth Ft Hood Wichita Falls Abilene

Providing Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks for Fort Worth Military Supply Distribution Centers

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals design, install, and service Mobile Warehouse Storage Racks for military supply distribution centers in Ft Worth, Abilene, Wichita Falls and across the state of Texas. For more information, send us a message or give us a call at (817) 483-5742 to set up a free analysis of your warehouse.