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mobile storage on rails systems Kansas City Topeka Overland Park Olathe Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa ColumbiaIf you are looking for an innovative way to optimize your floor space, then Mobile Racks on Rails is the perfect solution for you. Southwest Solutions Group® designs, delivers, and installs all types of storage on rails equipment in Kansas City and throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri.

What are Mobile Storage on Rails Systems?

Mobile Storage on Rails is a rolling storage system that places cabinets, racks, or shelving on rails that roll together to condense storage areas. The Storage on Rails Mobile Racks and Shelving Systems exchange static storage access aisles between row of shelving with one or more movable access aisles. The number of movable aisles you need in your storage on rails system is based on your level of activity. Shelving on Rails and Mobile Racks on Rails can condense your storage area by up to 66% over traditional stationary storage shelving and file cabinets. The additional floor space created from using Storage on Rails can be used to add more work stations or increase your storage without increasing your storage area (click here to watch a video of Mobile Racks on Rails or here for Shelving on Rails).

What Types of Materials Will Storage on Rails Systems Hold?

mobile shelving on rails Kansas City Topeka Lawrence Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa Columbia St Joseph

Storage on Rails will store all types of materials including owner supplied shelving, cabinets, and racks. Here are just a few popular items that can be stored in Mobile Racks and Shelving on Rails:

  • Archival record file box racks
  • Clean Room wire shelving
  • All types of athletic gear
  • Healthcare pharmaceutical and patient chart shelving
  • Museum artwork and artifact racks and cabinets
  • Military mobility bag cabinets and armory weapon racks
  • Law Enforcement evidence shelving, weapon cabinets, and uniform racks
  • Library book shelving
  • Industrial warehouse pallet racks
  • Office filing cabinets and storage shelves

How Do You Open Storage on Rails Shelving and Racks to Access Stored Materials?

Storage on Rails has three methods of operation to access stored materials on shelving and racks. The first method is a manual pull handle system located on the exposed end panels of the mobile racks. The second mode of operation is by manually turning a single knob handle, three spoke handle, or steering wheel type device located on the shelving end panels. Finally, the third option is the push button method. The push button method is the easiest and safest to use because the shelving or mobile racks are motorized.

Mobile Storage Racks on Rails Design and Planning Assistance

mobile racks on rails Kansas City Topeka Overland Park Olathe Lawrence Salina Lenexa Columbia St Joseph

Southwest Solutions Group serves Kansas City, Topeka, Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, Salina, Lenexa, Columbia, and St Joseph providing design, installation, and service for all their Storage on Rails requirements. Call us today at 913-345-0289 or send us a message for a free analysis of your office or warehouse storage area to see how mobile shelving or racks on rails can work for you.

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