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New Filing Concepts for Business Office Storage

Do you wish your business had more office storage space? Well it’s time to quit buying more filing cabinets and look at some new filing concepts for business that will organize your files and office storage with file server shelving. This new filing concept for business organizes and compacts files, record boxes, and other office materials into space saving file server office storage shelving.

New Filing Concept Number One – Rotating Office Storage Filing Cabinet

new filing concepts for business office storage shelving systems

The first new filing concept for your business is the rotating office storage filing cabinet (watch video). This rotating vertical filing cabinet not only saves floor space, you don’t have to convert all your file folders to a shelf type file folder. What could be better than that? This rotating filing cabinet stores more than just files, it will store all types of office materials including; notebook binders, record boxes, office supplies, and computer media. What if every employee had plenty of floor space and there was space available for all the stuff you needed to run your business? These days workers are crammed into tiny cubicles in the ever-shrinking office layout. Warehouse space is overflowing too. It seems like every available inch of space is being used.

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New Filing Concept Number Two – High Density File Server Shelving

The second new filing concept for your business is high density file server shelving. High Density file server shelving comes in several different styles to fit your space and productivity requirements. All of the high density file server systems have the same purpose, to condense filing and storage floor space to make more room for cubicles and other vital equipment that generates profits for your business. Some of the styles of high density file server equipment include; sliding bi-file shelving, high capacity rolling shelving, vertical filing carousels, and pullout shelving cabinets.

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How Much Floor Space Will I Save And How Much Do These New Filing Concepts Cost?

You may be asking how much floor space can I save and how much do these new filing concepts cost? The quickest way to find out is take us up on our offer, a 30 minute free consultation with one of our storage and filing experts. The offer includes determining what file or storage equipment best suits your application, space and budget constraints. You can expect your investment to be less than the cost of traditional file cabinets and the potential to cut your storage/filing space in half. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to set up a free 30 minute consultation.


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