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Last updated: January 29, 2016

Wheelhouse high density mobile storage is flexible

wheelhouse high density mobile storageA middle school found itself in a rather challenging situation, especially after experiencing a sudden increase in the student population. It needed a well-organized plan for storing athletic equipment and gear. Since the space designated to house the inventory was no bigger than the size of a two-car garage, the right storage system had to meet strict criteria. It had to be flexible and have enough storage space to fill two rooms with athletic gear for the entire student body. After the options had been thoroughly weighed, a decision was made to have Wheelhouse™ high density mobile storage installed at the school. This low-profile modular compact shelving provided the school with the flexibility to accommodate the students' athletic needs more efficiently. Wheelhouse high density mobile storage makes any space work effectively.

Space-saving low-profile modular compact shelving 

The power of this wheelhouse high density mobile storage is in its design. Steel built from the bottom up, this low-profile modular compact shelving features an innovative interlocking design where shelving connects directly into wheelhousing channels measuring 2 1/2-inches in length. Double-locking side profiles are fitted to the wheelhousing as well as posts positioned upright for strength and stability. This creates a frame that is designed to store more in less space while riding lower and weighing less. Its compact 3-inch wheels travel along a rail system that is level with the floor. This makes for quick and easy access to the athletic inventory stored there.

Benefits to using wheelhouse high density mobile storage

low profile modular compact shelvingThere are many benefits to using wheelhouse high density mobile storage. In the school's case, the system was fitted with carriages which could be added or removed at any point. With the addition of the carriages, it effectively maximized storage capacity without having to compromise the needs of students. In addition, the added convenience of adaptable components meant that the system could be altered with little effort. And the school could continue to provide students with adequate athletic equipment and gear for years to come without exceeding their budget. See images for a closer look at low-profile modular compact shelving features

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