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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Track sliding racks & wide clothes hanger rod shelves maximize space use

track sliding racks wide clothes hanger rod shelvesFloor track sliding racks and wide clothes hanger rod shelves provide school cadet uniform storage that allows users to consolidate organized supplies in less space. The mobile carriage solution compacts in moments with a simple user turn handle. Equipment managers can then do more with the existing space and maximize footprint efficiency. It ensures regulated material access as well to keep garments safe and clean. So, facilities avoid spending money to expand and have protection against property loss and damage.

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school cadet uniform storageThe other shelving unit features a specialized accessory with a dual design that provides more capacity. Secured within interior compartments, the integrated component spans from end-to-end to create a continuous run that maximizes space. It ensures users have convenient and safe access to apparel during storage and retrieval. Experts provided the systems to a high school needing a more efficient way to organize junior reserve officer training gear.

School cadet uniform storage

The more efficient school cadet uniform storage units allow staff enough space to consolidate everything into one convenient place. Personnel has fewer storage areas to maintain, helping minimize property loss and damage potential. Rather than use up valuable time during retrieval, instructors and cadet can focus on training. 

Watch a video that highlights how the track sliding racks compact to save space.

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