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Last updated: January 08, 2016

Mobile Shelving That Folds On Tracks

storage units that fold up on a trackStorage units that fold up on a track and mobile shelving on tracks come in multiple configurations depending on your storage, space, and activity needs. The mobile shelving on tracks work by eliminating the need for access aisles between each row of shelving and replace it with movable aisles that can be accessed individually. This allows you to double your storage space in the same footprint as static shelving or reduce your storage footprint by up to 75%. Click here to watch a video about how the storage units that fold up on a track work.

mobile sliding shelving on tracks

High density mobile shelving on tracks are available in mechanical assist and powered operations. Powered shelving is ideal for storage applications that require a high amount of security, since there are a wide variety of safety and security features that can be added. With a mechanical assist unit, an ergonomically-designed three spoke handle is used to easily move the shelving.

For smaller storage applications, sliding mobile shelving on tracks is also available in bi-file, tri-file, and quad-file configurations. The shelving easily slides back and forth so you can keep all of your storage in one compact area. Many users store frequently-accessed items in the front shelves, and less frequent items in the back. Sliding mobile shelving on tracks is available to buy online.

All types of shelving can be mounted on the mobile tracks, from letter and legal-size shelves to lateral file cabinets, heavy-duty steel racks, and more.

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