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Containers on shelves or hanging from panels rails & carts store parts with efficiency

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High-performance stack and lock bins combine with secure ease to save space with an all-purpose open hopper design that provides immediate access to storage. Users can install the containers on specialized or standard  shelves to create a more effective solution that keeps inventory organized. Units can even hang on specialized louvered panels, rails, and carts to form a system that stores and moves parts with greater efficiency.

Stack & lock bins ensure immediate storage access

The stack & lock bins have an all-purpose open hopper front that allows users to have immediate access to storage. They're made from tough, high impact polystyrene construction that costs less to promote economical savings and ensure affordability. The systems include many performance features that enhance value while keeping the price low to ensure budget friendliness. Among them are:

stack lock bins storage

  • A front identification tab designed to make gripping and handling easier while helping improve inventory organization and control
  • Reinforcing support ribs provide add strength and prevent spreading
  • Full-length rear hanger provides added support and hanging capability

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