Handling and storing sheet metal is challenging, risky, and time-consuming. Roll-out sheet metal racks make sheet metal storage safer and more efficient. These heavy-duty sheet metal storage racks feature horizontal or vertical roll-out shelves that maximize your storage density while providing quick, ergonomic access to sheet metal.

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Horizontal Sheet Metal Storage Racks

sheet metal racksWe offer two different models of horizontal roll-out sheet metal storage racks. The standard roll-out sheet metal rack is a semi-enclosed storage system that features three to eight heavy-duty pull-out shelves for sheet metal storage. The shelves can be pulled out by hand or using a T-handle for ergonomic assistance; when fully extended, the shelves provide complete overhead access for loading and unloading by crane. Visit our online store to see pricing for sheet metal racks.

The horizontal roll-out sheet metal rack has several customization options, including dimensions, shelf quantities and capacities, and additional features such as rear loading and folding doors. More specifications of these horizontal sheet metal racks include:

  • Heavy-duty welded steel framework with powder coat finish
  • Standard height of 7 feet with custom heights available
  • 5,500-lb load capacity per shelf with other capacities available
  • Side rails support the shelf when extended
  • Accessible with vacuum lifts, hoist lifts, sheet lifts, magnets, and forklifts
  • Automatic locks keep shelves in place when closed or fully extended
  • Optional folding doors for increased security
  • Double-sided loading option
  • Optional forklift risers

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The forklift stacker rack is another innovative horizontal sheet metal storage system. The stacker rack features 10 to 19 removable pallet shelves with built-in fork pockets. This design makes it easy for a single operator to transport the pallets by forklift.

The horizontal forklift stacker rack also has many opportunities for customization, with customized pallet spacing and shelf quantities available as standard options. More specifications of the forklift stacker racks include:

  • Heavy-duty welded steel framework with powder coat finish
  • Custom pallet spacing, with 4″ minimum shelf clearance
  • 5,000-lb load capacity, with greater capacities available
  • Minimum height of 8′, with other standard heights of 10′, 12′, and 14′
  • Standard shelf widths of 96″, 120″, and 144″
  • Standard shelf depths of 48″, 60″, and 72″
  • Custom dimensions available

vertical sheet metal storage racksHorizontal sheet metal storage racks are also available as a combination unit in which a stacker rack mounts over the roll-out sheet metal rack model. This multipurpose unit provides both bulk pallet storage and individual metal sheet storage, and it is designed to facilitate rear loading.

Vertical Sheet Metal Storage Racks

Vertical sheet metal racks provide high-density storage with improved visibility and convenient access to stored materials. The vertical shelves pull out with attached handles, with 100% extension for crane, hoist, or vacuum access. The roll-out shelves make it easy to view stored sheet metal for selection, resulting in less wasted time and material.

As with the horizontal sheet metal storage racks, the vertical sheet metal racks have options for custom shelf quantities, dimensions, and capacities. More specifications of the vertical sheet metal storage racks include:

  • Heavy-duty welded steel framework with powder coat finish
  • Up to 2,000-lb load capacity per shelf
  • Eight to 25 roll-out shelves
  • Standard heights of 64″ or 76″

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Benefits at a Glance

Roll-out sheet metal storage racks provide several benefits to the metal fabrication industry, including the following:

  • Save floor space
  • Improve efficiency
  • Protect stored materials from damage
  • Provide safer and easier access for forklifts, cranes, or by hand
  • Increase inventory visibility to reduce waste
  • Reduce labor costs and handling time

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