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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Consolidating supplies in cabinets & racks with space-savings capabilities

rotc equipment uniforms storageConsolidate supplies in cabinets and racks with space-savings capabilities like a high school did in this case study. The ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) equipment and uniforms storage have the mobile flexibility to save space, allowing users to store everything in a smaller footprint. Anyone with the same problem can create efficient capacity to accommodate this need in moments using the floor track sliding shelves. while turning a handle that controls carriage movement, users can compact open rows to eliminate access aisles that waste space. Facilities then have more capacity to keep everything in a clean and organized place, helping eliminate property loss or damage.

If the inventory personnel has to manage exceeds the storage space available, facilities like this one can have experts install another system as well. Designed to maximize space, the way it promotes the concept varies from the other space-saving solution. Continue reading to understand the difference between the two ROTC equipment and uniforms storage units.

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supplies cabinets racks space savingsRather than the compact design that the mobile shelves have, the widespan shelving includes specialized dual hanging rods. The integrated components span end-to-end, ensuring maximize space use during material consolidation. Organized gear avoids getting dirty while waiting for someone to retrieve it, ensuring clean use.

ROTC equipment & uniforms storage benefits

Using the ROTC equipment and uniforms storage options to consolidate youth development program inventory benefits everyone in different ways. Facilities can repurpose other areas used to accommodate this need to meet more productive uses. Then, avoid spending money on an expansion that outside laborers need months to finish. Rather, schools can put the budget towards maintaining and growing student programming. Instructors and cadets have fewer places to search and can find stored items faster, simplifying retrieval.

Watch a video that highlights how ROTC equipment and uniforms storage with space-saving capabilities consolidates everything in a smaller footprint to maximize use.

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